Sunday, 17 January 2010

You are a Doll

Really? I didnt know! Thanq very much for the sweetest lie! I am tagged by Sonali, again! God, Sonali! How many times did you nominate me? I came to your blog, copy pasted all the possible awards! Did all the tags! Kindly lemme know if I was NOT nominated!

Why two of them? Any ideas? Now, here is your question! "What character from a book/movie are  you most like?" I would relate myself to Daisy from Oswald! Daisy is a yellow/orange/green flower! Free-spirited and energetic! I dont insist you watch this show just to know me! If you watch this religiously, you know what I am talking about! Look at the picture below! You will understand!

Time to tag! I tag everybody! You read this, you are tagged! Wondering why I keep tagging everybody? As mentioned earlier, everybody is unique in their own way! I dont want anybody to feel dejected or given a second priority! I know how it feels! Before, I used to visit each blog and let them know they were nominated! Its really tough, especially when you follow great amount of blogs! Most of them I tagged did not respond! Must be for personal reasons, I guess! Now you know why I tag everybody? Please, do not feel offended! I mean no harm to you! I am just trying to make things easy peasy!



  1. oh haha cute tag hun! and ofcoz ur a doll, there's no denying that :)

  2. oh yeah, you r such a doll:)
    see, everybody's awarding ya:D
    hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  3. awww..nice tag...x
    yeh nominated everyone, is probs the easiest way..i shall bear that in mind :)

  4. do i need to tell u tat yes u r a doll? xx

  5. Your a lovely doll and very very right for you, take care :)

  6. Hey Divija...thanks for waking me up ;) I'm still in my hometown...busy n down with a bad cold. But i'll be back soon n blog my ass off then k ;p
    Congrats on yr awards hun...u truly deserve them. N u sure r a doubt about it. C u again soon Daisy :)