Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy & Prosperous 2010

My dearest lovelies,

I wish you and your family members a very happy and prosperous 2010! May God bestow you with all the happiness in the world and success in all your future endeavours! Any resolutions? Try and make more friends! Ignore haters, the best punishment you could ever give! Share the love! Make your people happy! Pursue your dreams, better late than never! Never get disappointed! Follow the resolutions! Try to be yourself! Finally, follow my blog for sure!

2009 was really wonderful for me, though I had some ups and downs! I came to know "who is who"! Whom to trust and whom not to! I discovered my true friends! I changed a lot since 2009, but I am still looking forward for miracles to happen! I dont wanna get emotional, which I tend to get often! I dont wanna speak to those who play dead on confrontation!

Uiiiiiiii...I have a plan, as well! I will definitely strive hard for my goal! For me, New Year is the time for resolutions, not celebrations! Its as simple as any other day! But, I love watching other people celebrate! So, I wont be tagged as some "psycho"! Hope you all had enough fun, girls! See you soon with more reviews and hauls!

Through this blog, I met wonderful people! They were all supportive and kind enough to read my stupid reviews and ramblings! God bless you all! I was hurt sometimes, but I dont want the past ruin my present. So, I kinda left it behind!

Girls, I wanna share something with you! I had a target of 40 followers for 2009, but I ended up with 39! Now, I have a target of 150 followers! I achieved so much, but so much left! Do you think I will really reach that figure? Somebody say "YES, YOU WILL!"

By the way, the photography is by Divija Reddy! How do you like it?


  1. Happy New year divija !!
    may this new year bring loads of make up and skincare in our life :))

  2. will..hun.. :)

  3. Oh wow! Divija. It's such a beautiful pic. I suck at taking pics. I hope I do some better job this year. :P

    Have a happy new year hun. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true. :)

  4. Hey girlie! I wish you all the very best for 2010! your blog deserves many more followers then just 150! xoxo

  5. Happy new year!! wishing u all teh best for 2010!!!

    and some great photos...multitalented ey?

  6. happy new year huniii
    may you have a great year and many more to come!!!

  7. Happy new year hun,those photographs are so lovely. Loved the last one. It looks like russia so cold, white and chilly . xx

  8. Hi Divija,
    seen your Blog ....done very nicely and with care,,,,,keep it up :)