Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fling 3 @ 2010

Finally, got rid of the word! If "haul" makes sense, then "fling" should definitely do! Please ignore if you find it nasty! All I wanted was to get rid of the word "haul!" See! I am still repeating the word! Ok, forget it! Back to work!

Today, I have been to the Body Shop! Couldnt resist! Especially after the bad dream that the stock disappeared! What takes me back to Body Shop is the manager, Margaret aka Love Lady! She keeps calling every customer "Love". I love the sound of it! She is gorgeous and ever-pleasing! She greeted me and was like "Here you are, again!" Then, I bought something! I left to work! I told my manager about the Body Shop sale! She came along! She bought something for herself! Margaret was like "Ok, you are bringing people in." After my experience at MAC, I feel she is not ordinary! She is God-sent! She is really a charm to the store! She has been @ Body Shop for 15 years! OMG! I love Margaret! She is full of energy! No ATTITUDE!

Today, we have 6 eye shadows, 2 lipsticks and a double-end lip gloss! One end is the gloss and the other end, cheek n lip stain! Everything for a pound each! How could I resist? No wonder I keep going back! Provided, my Love Lady @ the store! She kept saying that I was really going on a spree, treating myself with loads of makeup!

Girls, did you know? L'Oreal acquired Body Shop! It was a shocker for me! Margaret came to my rescue today explaining about that in detail! L'Oreal and Body Shop merged and came up with EPISKIN, an alternative approach to animal testing. They create some skin models by producing them on an industrial scale and develop alternative methods! How cool is that? I am really satisfied knowing that finally, there is some alternative to animal testing! L'Oreal has a great team! Body Shop is synonymous to ethical standards! Now, they are working together on something worth-a-mention! Kudos...



  1. I am in love your fling! hehe! honestly who the hell could resist sucha tempting sale? cant believe when you say you got these for a pound each! gonna have to hit the town tommorrow itself to grab the good stuff! xoxo

  2. oooh fling!!
    sounds naughty! lol
    i'm so jealoue, weather is so bad, can't be bothered dragging myself to town!
    nice buys!

  3. i am so jealous of your body shop SPREE !
    haha! ok... i did not mention the haul =P

    i am also trying to avoid the word HAUL recently and use the word SPREE instead.

  4. Oh my body shop again!! oh i love body shop, lovely haul, im definitely going for shopping, :)