Saturday, 9 January 2010

Update 2010

Dolls, here is a little update! From now, I am not posting any pictures of my flings! You know what I mean! No more pictures of what I got! Somehow, its more like bragging and nagging rather than sharing! I know many of you must be relieved hearing this!

If you observe, I normally like posting my own pictures! I like to use the pictures of products I buy! I dont like to copy them from websites! The reason, I dont want somebody to think that I am a big time bluff! You know what I mean! People talking, "What if she really didnt buy that? What if she is simply talking about it?" But, I will definitely try to post a swatch or a picture when I do the review!

Still, posting pictures is such a pain in the ***! In fact, I really admire one of my friends Tanveer, a fellow beauty blogger for implementing that in her blog! Posting pictures consumes hell lotta time! Its really irritating, especially when there is no proper light! Talk about seeing sun in UK! If you see him, its like "Who's that?"

Thats the reason I never post any swatches, especially the eye shadows! I have a couple of friends requesting since long time! Girls, this is the reason I dont post them! I want to do something for the day, but it ends up crap! No use trying! So, I just wanted to let you know that you will have complete access to all the swatches once I am back to India, which is by May 2010! Until then, please bear with me!

P.S: Ignore this update!


  1. Oh you gona be in india in may :O
    ur lucky!
    and i agree its sucha pain taking good pics in the uk 'daylight'

  2. kool!
    thanx for dedicating a whole post to it!

  3. Actually pics and swatches help to buy the product. but people take your work (i know its diff to take pics and post it)in a wrong sense. But if i like the product you tell in your haul can u send the pic of in to my mail, if you dont mind!!! Thanks

  4. Cheezz, luks like u missed somethin! I will post the pics of products I review! NO hauls/flings! Hope I am clear ;)

    U r more than welcome, anytime, dear! Anything for a sweet heart like you ;) no formalities. Please feel free to reach me!