Monday, 25 January 2010

Sally Hansen 18 Hour Lip Treatment #01 Nude

God! Why does it have to stay so long? I cant imagine something on my lips round the clock! Dont worry! Does not last that long, for sure! Today, we have the Sally Hansen 18-hour lip treatment in the shade #01 Clear Nude! I believe 18-Hour range is discontinued! I was very "unfortunate" to find mine at Superdrug, though!

18-hour lip treatment? Sold! Packaging? Sold! I never came across the packaging before! Correct me, in case! Looks chic! This 0.09 oz - 2.6 g retails for 7 pounds, which is definitely not great! I fall under the category "Most expensive, the best!" Now, I learnt my lesson! Never go by the tag or the brand name!

Did you ever fancy lip treatment in the form of gloss? The wand is lengthy with a doe foot applicator! As you can see, the applicator is very appropriate to get the right amount of product! Sold, once again!

Whats the real concept behind this? Treats your lips in 18 hours or stays for 18 hours? God knows! Sally Hansen 18 Hour lip treatment was? available in 8 flattering shades, the remaining being #02 Clear Brown, #03 Clear Pink Spice, #04 Clear Mauve, #05 Clear Whisper, #06 Clear Rose Sugar, #07 Clear Raisin and #08 Clear Optimist Opal!

One more pathetic swatch!

It goes on sheer! You have a bonus, glitter! I am not very keen of glitter in lip treatments whateva! Not all the times, at least! The consistency is very sticky! If I have this on; I should keep checking my hair doesnt get somewhere around my mouth! In fact, I would appreciate if it does not stay for 18 hours! All I want; something beneficial done to my lips!

Claims the formula works wonders hour by hour! If you swear by Carmex, Blistex and Vaseline, you might not like this! May be, I didnt like this! There is no instant gratification! Fragrance? Very tangy! Nauseating! Open the packaging; the scent is fruity! Once on lips, not tangy! No taste!

The special ingredients being moisturizing Retinol, Grape Seed Oil and Mango rehydrate! I HATE mangoes! Being a South-Indian, I should not be saying so! Well, thats me! I like raw mangoes, not the ripe ones!

Retinol is Vitamin A molecule! Skin cells have a receptor site that is very accepting of retinoic acid! This relationship between retinoic acid and skin cells allow a type of communication in which the cell is told to function normally! Retinol cannot communicate with a cell until it has been broken down into retinoic acid! Retinol is a beneficial cell-communicating ingredient and an antioxidant! Simply put, it helps skin cells create better, healthier skin cells and increase the amount of skin-support substances!

Mango Rehydrate - All I understood; add boiling water to dried mango! What has mango rehydrate got to do with this? God knows!

I regret buying this shade in particular, but would love to get hold of other shades! Have you ever tried this? Did you experience the same issues? Do let me know!



  1. Great review, am not so keen bout lip treatments but i do love the feeling of lip plumping lipglosses :-) not like i need bigger lips .lol. oh your post reminds me i bought sally henson lip exfoliator in dec. Gotta find it. Where did i put it ..? Lolx.

  2. it does look very chic!
    i would have probs tried it for tht same reason..
    i haven't tried this product, b ut after your great review..i doubt i will be lol

  3. I'd buy this in a heart beat! I'm a sucker for lip treatments

  4. Hi!!! I got this too .. but not as a lip treatment, just like lipgloss ... however, it didnt last 18 hours like it says. I bought Clear Nude and Clear Brown and I use them as the final lip gloss ... not like lip treatment. It does smell but its not that bad for me :P ... Here in Mexico I got them for about like 5 pounds more or less....

  5. Ooh I would not indulge in lip treatments as such as I find them a bit gimmicky :S But thats just my opinion! You should try other colors hun