Sunday, 17 January 2010

Awards n Tags

Let me be honest! I was tagged by the diva, Sonali, again! But, as usual there is some confusion prevailing! How many awards did I get? What tag am I supposed to do? I assume I was nominated for a couple of awards and am supposed to do a couple of tags! Savvy? Sonali, the next time you tag me, beware! I can take away all the awards from your blog! Copy - paste them in my blog saying that Sonali nominated me! Dolls, please be careful while tagging me! Remember, I warn you! Please tell me that I can understand English or there is a chance of me being kicked out from blogosphere!

Girls, let get to work! The first tag would be Color Tag! Was I really tagged? God knows! You are supposed to feature 7 objects of your favorite color! If you know me??? How would you know me unless I told you? Silly me! I wanna sound very chic, but see what happens! My favorite is BLACK! Why? I am black! My bestie "Shilpa" calls me Black Beauty! I liked that ever since! I miss her so much! I hope she gets to read this! "Monkey, I miss you!" Back to job! Here are the 7 objects of my choice of color, irrespective of size or shape! Trying to sound funny, but in vain!

My latest investment! Bag of the year from Zara! I got this in sale for 30 pounds, which actually retails for 40 pounds! Its textured black! I love this to pieces!

Call it a shrug / cardigan whateva you please! I bought this in sale for 7 pounds @ New Look, which actually retails for 16 pounds! How do I know? I bought a beige one for 16 pounds! Like the silver thread detailing! Can never go wrong with black basics! Turkey-make, FYI!

Wanna tell you something, if you are interested! I normally pair it with a two-toned lace corset from New Look! I no size zero, please! It stretches, so anybody can fit in! I bought the cardigan and corset together!

Name rings a bell! Holy grail ceramic straightener! Went to buy the Limited Edition Precious, but fell for the basic black! Retails for 128 pounds! Real time investment!

My black hair band! Love it! Retails for 4.50 pounds @ Claires!

Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner! Who needs an introduction? Retails for 15 pounds!

Black Chiffon saree gifted by mom! Weighs less than a paper! I lost count how many times I wore it! If there is one saree I have to choose for the rest of  my life, this is IT! Love this to death! Love you, maa!

Body Shop Eye n Cheek palette #2 Caramel & Pink! 4 eye colors and a complimentary cheek color! Retails for 12 pounds, but got for 5 pounds in sale!

I thought you would be interested in seeing the colors, so here we are!

Cheating? If I cannot include clothing twice, here is the substitute! Sony Vaio VGN - CR36G/B laptop in matte black!

God, its really tough to find black things around! I have tonnes back in India, but nothing here! Had really tough time finding! Hey, why do you tag me for the toughest? I thought I was really good to you! You know! It took more than a couple of hours to do this tag! Oh God, whats the next tag? Hope it has got nothing to do with pictures! Before, I liked taking pictures a lot! Now, that makes me sick! The very sight of camera gives nausea!!! Thanq Sonali, for burning my calories in a sweetest way possible!

Now, time for revenge! I tag everybody! If you read this, remember, you are tagged! Better dont read, I suggest! muhahahahaa...


  1. damn..NOOOO i didnt read it.. OMG my eyes... my eyes :p

    black is my fav color too.

  2. lol..i had so much fun reading ur post!..
    poor me..i was also tagged by sonalii..*sbs*
    i tried doing the tag yesterday..but i wa just lost lmao..
    i think i'll delay this as much as possible loll
    and tht corset top looks so pretty!

  3. ha ha ha there is a saying- No Pain No Gain!! hehe
    I had to pass thru the same torture before I could pass it on to you hun! lol I really loved reading the colour tag, Black is also one of my fav colour! xoxo