Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Naute Mess Award

Can you please lemme know what on Earth this means? I am a big dumbo, told you already! Why such complicated awards, then? All I know, Karls Lagerfeld playing peekaboo in the picture! Just kidding ;)

The beautiful Stella, a beauty blogger bestowed upon me another complicated award "The Naute Mess Award". This award is a package, by the way! It comes along with a set of 7 questions! In fact, they are 7 facts about yourself! Yes! So, the rules are to write 7 facts about myself! Who would really wanna know about me? Remember, I warn you! You find this DAMN boring! Stay away! Anyway, I have to do this for Stella! So, here we go...

1. I am a happy wife (poor hubby) for over 3 - 1/2 years! Oh yeah, I understand! Yet to be blessed!

2. I am a monkey! You can find me giggling all the time! Wide grin from this corner of the ear to the other! Why lie? Like me or not! I am full of ATTITUDE! Very fussy! Savvy?

3. I am a vegetarian! I can live on eggless cakes and spicy South-Indian food!

4. I hate Idiot Box! Yes, I do! I watch Oswald and Heidi cartoons ONLY! Nostalgic!

5. I am a mad browser! Online 24/7. I love Farmville @ Face Book!

6. Good grace, I managed to have tonnes of enemies! I am really not that bad! People did not give me a fair chance, I guess! I have 3 great souls to tolerate me since I was 13! I cannot afford to lose them, fingers crossed! Lesson learnt? DO NOT TRUST EVERYBODY!

7. I was a school teacher for a couple of years, medical secretary for another couple of years! Multi-talented lass!

Heaven's sake! Next time, better provide the questions! Its really tough! I really dont know what to say! If you want to know something, you better ask! You all know my love for makeup! So, I did not mention that!
Time to nominate! I nominate everybody! Everyone is special in their own way! Nobody should be underestimated! Nobody should feel dejected! I tag all my followers! Another ruby for your tiara! You people deserve this award! Kindly lemme know what on Earth this award means! I would really appreciate any help! Thanq my dear Stella!


  1. LMAO omg, you should see me laughing girl:D
    I love this post, you should do it more often! lol
    and it's nice to get to know some random facts about you. thanks for that! xx

  2. haha !! u really got me laughin , fun facts !! n thanks for da award , will do a post soon :)

  3. lol, nice read! btw, I'm a vegetarian too,
    but, I loooove my idiot box! hehe xoxo

  4. lol loved reading it. this post hence proved that you are so funny . cannot stop reading again and again ..xx

    P.s my mobile wont let me comment :( im late i know

  5. had fun reading hun :) am a veg too and I dont have many friends haha