Thursday, 28 January 2010

Body Shop Moroccan Rose Flower Lipsticks

The Body Shop launched their limited edition Moroccan Rose range for Spring 2009 that includes makeup, bath and body products! Somewhere around Valentine's Day, I believe! The makeup includes eye colors, 2 powder blushes, 3 lipsticks and a radiance stick! Delicate, pastel, Rose-inspired and infused with a mild rose fragrance! Bath and body collection includes Moroccan Rose body milk, shower gel, body butter, Eau de Toilette, Reed diffuser, body mist and bath & massage oil!

I am a firm believer of "flowers look pretty in the garden"! I find flowers associated with strong fragrance like rose and jasmine very nauseating! I cant stand the fragrance for more than half an hour! For South-Indians, flowers are ineveitable! However, I always make sure I dont go near roses and jasmines except weddings! Why did I tell you all this crap? I never knew I would like makeup associated with floral fragrance! Especially, ROSES!

On that note, I proudly present to you the Moroccan Rose lipsticks in #1 Soft Pink, #2 True Pink and #3 Deep Pink! I dont say "I am head over heels", but I like the Moroccan Rose range! Mildly infused with rose scent, just like rose water!

Let's tweet about the packaging for a while! If not for the transparent lid, this is how they look like! Metallic pink embosed with white roses! Uber flirty! The shades as discussed earlier, #1 Soft Pink, #2 True Pink, #3 Deep Pink! They are like great, greater, greatest! I dont know how to describe these shades exactly, but lets have a look!

The lipsticks have the softest formulation I ever came across! Just like melting butter! They glide easily on the lips without any efforts! I prefer #1 Soft Pink and #2 True Pink for any given time of the day and #3 for night times, though the chances of me using #3 are very rare!

Best - If you want a wash of pink with a long-lasting and conditioning lip color!

Suitable - All skin tones, which I doubt!

They are damn emollient, soothing and moisturizing when applied! Bees wax, well-known for its moisturizing properties, is a natural emulsifier and thickener and has been used in cosmetics for the past 2000 years! It is used in Body Shop products to help form a protective layer on the skin, which reduces moisture loss! The organic bees wax and marula oil helps repair the skin's moisture barrier!

I find myself reaching more for #2 True Pink, a go-to lipstick! The colors are pretty sheer! Staying power is above average! The shimmer felt chunky once, but it was not the same the next time! Strange!

#1 Soft Pink, #2 True Pink, #3 Deep Pink

Stats - 3.5 g - 0.1 oz originally retails for 8 pounds, though not sure of the exact price! I got these for a pound each, which is unbelievable! I have a backup of #2 True Pink!

Try # 1 Soft Pink with a "barely there" cheek and cool pastel-toned smudged eyes! #2 True Pink is ideal for all occasions either alone or over a lip stain for a thoroughly modern lip look! # 3 Deep Pink is a rich and fruity sheer wash of color that adds instant glamour for women who dare!


  1. iam such a pinkhalic and i loveeee these lippies, they look so perfect pink shade, i am gonna spend ALOT on my next trip to bodyshop and lady you are reason for that..heheh love the review and these lipsticks looks ahmaaziiing

  2. ooh i love the look of soft pink!!