Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bourjois Effet 3D Lip Gloss

Dolls, dont you think these babies deserve a review? At least a mention? Today, I proudly present to you the Brilliant a Levres 3D lip gloss range from Bourjois! Other lines in Effet 3D range are Effet 3D Cosmic and Effet 3D Max gloss, which was launched recently! Not so recent, of course! 3D Effet gloss is the only Bourjois product I have ever tried! Shame, aye!

Claims - A formula enriched with micro crystalline wax for a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result. The specially designed brush applicator delivers ultra-glossy precise results with ease.

Tip from color designer Christophe Durand - Gloss and volume go hand in hand, so think to add a touch to the centre of the lower lip. For a super on-trend vinyl effect, you can apply a colour gloss then add a touch of clear for a sensational 3D smile.

Shade range - Beige elastic #01, Brun galactic #02, Rose idyllic #03, Rose emblematic #04, Rose angelic #05, Rose arctic #15, Beige theoric #16, Transparent oniric #18, Brun poetic #33, Rose Mythic #34, Fleur d'oranger poetic #36, Rose or chic #37, Rose symbolic #42, Rouge classic #43, Cannelle unic #44, Rose lyric #46.

Here, we have 3 shades Rose symbolic #42, Rouge classic #43, Cannelle unic #44! Ok, they might look similar, but you would be surprised to find a subtle variation! Agreed? I find the packaging is unique! Appears to have a heaven lotta product! Product expires in 18 months, which is really sad! What makes me happier? The information given on the packaging! It has a gold-colored lid with the shade number, color and swatch on it! The colour swatch on the cap is true to the colour in the tube, which makes things easier!

The formula was good when I purchased, but became kinda thick later on! Sounds silly? I feel so! I didnt get to use these as I had to finish my other glosses! The formula is non-sticky and moisturizing! I use them as much as I can coz they perform a dual role, gloss as well as moisturizer. It works as a tinted lip treatment for my lips, I can say. The applicator is brush-type. I personally like doe-foot applicators, but I dont find any issues with brush applicator, either. All I do is just dot and spread the color! No efforts!

Staying power? I dont mind as long as the moisturizer stays and the color fades away. The last thing I need on my lips is flakes. This does not happen with these glosses, which is why I like them! The colors I have are sheer pigmented sans shimmer. Coming to the fragrance, I really cant describe! I am 200% sure it has a lingering fragrance! Like a mild aroma! Tried these yet? You know what I am talking about better! I bought these in 3 for 2 i.e. you buy 2 and get 3rd cheapest or equal prodcut for free! I wish I chose different colors! Never mind!

As for the plumping effect, I really dont observe such things! I dont invest in plumpers coz I feel thats a pure marketing strategy! Personally, I dont need a plumper! All I need is soft lips with a hint of tint! Small things really make me happy! Retails for 6.99 pounds! Repurchase! Heavens, YES! I never regret buying these!

Cannelle unic #44, Rouge classic #43, Rose symbolic #42

Swatches - Cannelle unic #44, Rouge classic #43, Rose symbolic #42

Model sports Beige elastic #01
(Courtesy: http://www.bourjois.co.uk/)


  1. these are pretty lovely shades....esp Cannelle unic #44...I am so going to search these here.

  2. ooh i'll keep a look ut for these!

  3. I love these glosses! Am saving up to buy these :D

  4. lovely shades..nice blog..keep going..
    Aparna Vijay