Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush

I am obsessed with lip products, so majority of my blog is dedicated to those! Here is my first review on Ecotools makeup brush, earth-friendly beauty! New to Ecotools? This is for you, ONLY! I am no big in making things clear, but will surely try my level best!

In 2007, Paris Presents started an internal initiative to make products more earth-friendly! They launched an entire line of bath and cosmetic accessories eco-friendly using sustainable resources that minimize the negative impact on the environment. Bamboo, cruelty-free taklon bristles and recycled/recyclable materials!

EcoTools has joined with "1% For the Planet" to donate 1% of annual sales to environmental organizations that create a healthier place to live! Cruelty-free hair! Vegan! Natural and recycled materials! Reusable storage pouch! Respect for the planet!

This powder brush is ideal for applying powder and setting makeup! It provides a smooth, soft finish and sets your makeup! Glide the brush across pressed or loose powder and tap off any excess! Evenly apply over entire face to create a smooth, soft finish!

The handle is bamboo, of course! The upper and lower parts of the brush sync, which makes the brush very user-friendly! At least, for myself! The bristles are not as fluffy as kabuki, as you can see! This is too big for my face, I feel! It does cover a large surface area, though! What about places like corners of the nose? I use a foundation brush to reach places like corners of the nose, eyes etc! You wouldnt need that, in fact! Just in case, can try using a foundation/concealer brush!

I use nothing, but MAC Studio Fix Powder/Foundation! This brush and MAC SF make a perfect pair! I cant exaggerate more how soft this brush feels! You should feel it for yourself! It distributes the product evenly! Better put it this way! You have control over the product! Only downside? Not downside, in fact! Its difficult to work with the storage pouch! Every time you take the brush out, the zip lock thing seems to hold back some bristles and there is a chance of shredding! Blame the size of the brush? No! Blame the pouch size! Better to store these in a holder whatever your storage solution!

TIP - Take good care of these, they last life long! They collect oil from your face, so wash them after every seventh use! Dry them lying flat! Dried upside down, loosens the glue that holds the bristles in place!

Every purchase, there is a green tip on the pouch! This one says "Find new uses for old things! Wrap gifts in old Sunday comics instead of store-bought wrapping paper!" By the way, it has a number 1200 on the pouch! You wouldnt need that, anyway coz this is the only powder brush from Ecotools! Just in case of reference, might come handy! Retails for 7.50 pounds at your local TESCO or selected Superdrug stores! Never seen them @ Superdrug, though! US, try your local Walmart, Walgreens, Target and Ulta! I find Ecotools expensive in UK!

Ignore the messy bristles!

P.S: I know there are tonnes of MAC-loyal lovelies out there! I dont insist you try these brushes! This is not a paid review, by all means! I am doing it for my pleasure and for blog sake! Nothing like "Hey! Try using eco-friendly brushes and make Earth a better place to live!"


  1. lolz @ last line. i never used mac brushes as they arent even available in lahore. shocker !! yeah i know. eco tools sounds promising

  2. oh yea i defo like MAC brushes but they are very unaffordable :S so I prefer brushes from as they are fab and super cheap :) I looove the quality of eco tools thought, just like body shop init.
    great review hun :)

  3. i've heard so muc about these brushes..!
    thanx for a full blown review!!

  4. Hey! Nice review! Eco tools Sounds promising, I need a brush like this in my makeup bag!xoxo