Friday, 28 August 2009


Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer
The queen of moisturizers, the most raved product, at least according to everybody. Their moisturizer seems to launch 1000 ships. A pale yellow colour liquid seems to do the desirable. It is available in both lotion and gel forms. Gel seems to be good for combination skin.

I felt that the consistency of Clinique lotion and gel are different. Lotion seems to be a bit thick, but I liked it the most comparitively. The only advantage I found in gel is a dollop of product gives full coverage. The product also lasts ages. I tried "Very Dry - Dry Combination" and "Combination Oily - Oily" skin.

The container is of course is a bit heavy for the handbags, but still manageable. I can definitely tell that its on high-street market and costs around 24 pounds in UK.

P.S: Review coming up!


  1. Hey divs...Nice job..Keep rocking...

    The professional at Clinique told that gel and lotion are for different skin types.I heard that lotion/gel works well as part of three step program than independently.

    Moreover, this just acts as a base moisturizer, some SPF on top of it is a must.

  2. Hey, thanks buddy. Well, I didn't know that b4. I personally never tried the 3-step program, but Prasanthi did. She kept saying that it was a mere waste, thank god she tried the promotional product. Or may be it didnt work for her????????

  3. Even I never tried to comment about it. But I bought just the lotion for my little sister, she was very happy with the product. She kept saying it made her skin feel soft and smooth.

    I think it takes time for a product to work and cannot be decided by just using the promotional product(it's just my personal opinion). I am a die-hard fan of Clarins and used their products for a while. It is too expensive for me to continue anymore, so leaning towards Clinique now.. :)