Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bought: One Island, One Bride

Finally, I am here talking about something which is not related to makeup. Uffffffffffff.......................air of relief for everybody I tooo...........

Pretty old book, but seems to be a good one. The author of this book is Susan Stephens. Wait a minute................its Mills & Boon.

To be honest, I got this book as a freebie for a magazine called "Good Housekeeping (Mother's day edition).

Extract: Self-made billionaire Alexander Kosta comes to the island of Lefkis for revenge and wants to destroy in the name of progress. Alexander, once a common man of Lefkis loses his bride to an old man.

Ellie is the female lead who seeks refuge on the island trying to escape from her troubled past. She owns a boat inherited from her late father making a living touring. She seems to be a distraction. He wants the harbour to be cleared to make way for the super yatchs, but she is still there. She was chosen by the people of the island to voice their objection to his vision of progress for the island.

He envisaged a mini Dubai springing up where once there had been bare rock and poverty. Power boats, shopping malls, hotels and luxury spas were on their way. It was a wonder the island had survived beneath the heel of his predecessor, Demetrios Lindos who once lured Alexander's bride.

Money-making was his greatest skill, his only skill according to Ellie. The trouble comes in the form of Ellie where he has to finally seduce her into compliance.

Alexander and Ellie confront each other in such a way that their relationship starts with a dispute and turns passionate. There comes a time in his life where Ellie has a troubled past with an old man. Finally, Ellie reveals the truth and a happy reunion at last.

Finally, I liked reading this.


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