Sunday, 30 August 2009

Jewel Sindoor

I use Jewel Sindoor in Maroon and I am in love with it. For Hindu women, sindoor on forehead is a symbol of status elevation. Gone are the days of women with sindoor on their foreheads, but I really appreciate Lakme as it might boost up the thought of sindoor once again because of the contemporary touch.

It's really worth-a-try and worth-a-mention especially for occasions as it has shimmer in it with gold/silver undertone. 3 more new colours are coral, gold and pearl. For the traditional look and feel, maroon is the one.

I bought mine when the product was launched and not many (at least my folks) knew if a product like that even existed. It was for Rs. 50, which is pretty cheap.

My sister tried using this as a lip gloss and ended up looking gorgeous. As I never take chances, I only try and use it for the purpose meant.

Recently, I have been to Lakme' for a hair cut and I found the new shades flattering. I could not buy them as I dont stay in a place where I can play with stuff like place sucks.........:(

(Courtesy: Lakme website)

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