Saturday, 29 August 2009

Squeaky-clean makeup kit!

Keeping your makeup kit in tip top shape is obviously very critical, but what is even more important is how sanitary your makeup kit can be. Brushes occupy a major portion in our kits and they should be squeaky clean! So how can you keep your kit clean?

1. Start from Hand Sanitizer Gel as it helps both sanitize and moisturize your hands.

2. Use spatulas! Instead of placing your brush directly in the makeup, scoop it out. Placing your brush or a finger in a pot of makeup can spread bacteria and “contaminate” the product.

3. Try using disposable wands if you are obsessive about cleanliness. There are disposable mascara and lip gloss wands that are best used once and don’t double dip! Dispose each wand after each use.

4. Before using a lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, brow pencil, creme stick etc spray or dip the product with Isopropyl alcohol. More than 70% is too harsh for most cosmetics. This will help sanitize the makeup. Sounds pretty

5. Use a tissue to gently wipe off each powder product such as pressed powders, eye shadows, blushes etc.

6. Use brush cleanser because it sanitizes the brush without drying out the bristles. At the end of the day, deep clean brushes using luke warm water and brush cleanser.

7. Wipe down your cases using alcohol.

8. Another part of being sanitary is keeping up on your makeup’s expiration dates. On the box of each cosmetic mostly, you will see a picture of an open container with a number next to the letter “M”. This indicates how many months the product will last once it is opened. Try this out!

I read this somewhere over the net, I dont remember. I will make sure to post the courtesy soon! Thanks to the person who gave this tip!


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