Saturday, 29 August 2009

Andhra Paris i.e. Nellore

The one and only contemporary world with a traditional touch and feel!

I am a Nellorean = Why should I be a Roman in Rome when Roman can be a Roman elsewhere? How many of us agree with it? Not many, I guess! Even if we agree, not many dare to speak out. But, being a Nellorean, I value this statement a lot!

We create a trend and live up to it! We are the trend-setters, be it a social event like wedding or whatever. I feel proud to say that I am a proud citizen of Nellore. Consciously or unconsciously, we pave way for inspiring many, active or passive.

I don’t have to talk much about Nellore women because history itself has it in the name of “Nellori nerajanalu.” We Nelloreans easily get accustomed to any culture or tradition and can go according to them in a jiffy. The way we speak Telugu is definitely a tongue-twister for others. We can speak other slang of telugu easily, but it is definitely difficult for others to get that Nellore slang.

We are very broad-minded, soft-hearted, jovial, helpful and socialize easily. What not, you name it and we have it. We are never into the habit of disappointing, right ladies? We are always proactive and first ones to take the initiative.

The trends followed in Nellore will appear ages later elsewhere. Especially, when you look out for the embroidery work and stuff like that, we are second to none. There is a saying about fashion in Paris. "When you attempt to follow a particular trend, something else overtakes it, leaving you with no other choice, but to go for the latter. The saddest part is, it continues." Not sure of the authencity of this statement, might be just an assumption as Paris is a living synonym for fashion. Nellore definitely falls under the same category at least, according to what I observed. When people come to know that a particular trend is hot in the market, Nelloreans would have known that ages before.

Nobody needs a special introduction to the gold market in Nellore. Half of its reputation survives on that particular segment. Nellore gold is famous for its most delicate, intricate, light-weight designs and of course purity (reputed showrooms). One of my relatives from Hyderabad always prefers Nellore gold. Rain or shine, she comes all the way to Nellore, especially to purchase gold.

Entertainment-wise, Nellore is undoubtedly famous for its theatres, especially the group theatres like Complex. My friends, especially from Chittoor rave about theatres in Nellore. I have been to multiplex in Bangalore once (I am not a big-time movie buff), but never got the feel of a Nellore theatre. Most expensive always does not mean it has to/will be worthy.

Politics has always played a major role in the development of Nellore and thank god, finally it is a corporation today. The road to Nellore, especially from Chennai (NH5), hats off to the workers (of course, the leaders too), is a stress-free drive. The infrastructure and the clearly-marked medians on the national highway add to the beauty of it.

It would be incomplete if I do not speak about our beloved educational institutions. Though education has become commercial, god, help those kids with those heavy bags, Nellore is still famous for its education. Colleges like Narayana, KORA, Ratnam, Sri Chaitanya gave the world many brilliant minds. comes my favourite topic. These days, Nellore weddings have been the talk of the town. Right from choosing the wedding hall, every segment will be given a great detail of care and attention. It is not surprising that Nellore wedding market has flourished in such a way that within a span of months, new wedding halls sprung like mushrooms. Mind-blowing floral decoration, themes on/around the stage, mouth-watering catering menu and unique return gifts play a vital role in the weddings. Consequently, they end up like fairy-tale weddings.

Let me speak, at least, a few words about the catering menu here. I am neither a good cook nor a great food lover, but the name of Nellore cuisine itself brings memories of mouth-watering food. Nellore menu is famous for its spicy foods, not to mention our tongue-scorching Chepala pulusu, gongura mutton and natu kodi pullusu (I am a practicing vegetarian, so not sure of the taste).

Catering has become the most-sought after segment these days inspite of the skyrocketing prices. With quality hotels like Murali Krishna, Mayuri, Komala Vilas and Venkataramana, we can never be a failure. Our variety of rice stands out, especially for its cooking quality. The taste and flavour retains even after reheating. Such is our culinary potential.

With great cultivation lands, historical temples, educational institutions, last but not the least, well-known for its loving people, NELLORE IS THE BEST!

P.S:I am not here to hurt anybody’s views and have no intentions to cause offence. I am just trying to create a healthy awareness of Nellore, so that people would really love to come over. Let me know if I missed out anything most important! You are most welcome to let us know about your natives, so that I (in particular) might have a great chance to learn!

Tenali is Paris of Andhra, but its just my opinion why not call Nellore "Andhra Paris?" This is purely my love for Nellore and nothing else!


  1. Hey you haven't mentioned anything about the beach there?? BTW loved the blog, I'm from Hyd



  2. Hi Divija - I am from Nellore and really loved the way you expressed about our place..! Any ways - i know a person with your name wen i was doing my graduation in Priyadarshini college.. Ping me If you are the same.!My name is Niraja..! :-)

  3. Neeruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    nene, divija ni. Ela unnav? enti sangatulu? will u believe? everytime I think of nellore or come over, i think of u. I wonder where u do i contact u, baby? abhi ela unnadu? amma, nana bagunnara? thathayya passed away when i was in scotland. I came to know and I thot of u but i didnt know how to get in touch wid u....yes, i am the same old divijakka :) love uuuuuuuu....are u on facebook darling? I am Divija Reddy on facebook...

  4. Neeru, facebook lo na contact number untundi. I mean I have two pages also apart from profile page. I have a beauty blog page on my name and also श्री Ensembles, my online page lo na contact number untundi chudu...god i cant believe its u...u know i am so excited to meet my lovely junior ;)

  5. awesome.i like it.i am from nellore.nice meeting u

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