Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fragrance Memories

As observed, women associate fragrances to memories. It is said that the way we use fragrances evoke pleasant reactions. Conscious or unconscious, fragrance causes people to react in ways that are beneficial to us.

Most of us are unaware of the effects of fragrance on our moods. Did you ever smell a fragrance that took you back to the pleasant memories of past? Of course, there can be unpleasant memories. But, we always make sure we cherish only the fond memories.

Many of us choose perfumes and deodorants to create a signature. Every single soul has a fragrance, which can be associated with a person, place or event in particular. Such is the intimacy between fragrance and memory. It is not unusual to mix many flavours to get a desired fragrance, too.

My fragrance is Davidoff Cool Water since my wedding, the only one my DH prefers. Inspite of the repeated laundry, our wedding clothes still give away the scent of Davidoff. It is clean, refreshing, subtle yet powerful. You can definitely make a statement with it.

Old Cinthol soap reminds me of my summer holidays and the adventures I made as a kid. Post bath, it smells great with old Cinthol. The scent of Nycil powder reminds me of the prickly heat in the summers! Ouchhhhhh... this prickly heat hurts!!! J Coconut oil reminds me of the school days (mom trying to apply oil before braiding the hair in the morning). At times, Fair & Lovely and Gokul remind me of my mom. It helped me easily find out that my mother was somewhere near and I used to pretend stunts with books. Old spice after shave and Charlie (original) perfume reminds me of my father. I used to feel safe and secure with that smell around me for some unknown reason. It always made me feel that my father was somewhere there to protect us. I hope many of us had that experience, especially in case of father. Similarly, there are many scents I can associate my brother and each and every family member with.

I have bad memories, too! I hate the smell of vaseline (body moisturizer with that sweet kinda smell). It reminds me of some people of least importance in my life. Consequently, I always make sure that there is not even a single hint of vaseline in my home or around me as I always tend to carry happiness wherever I go! I always felt that we should avoid the fragrances associated with bad memories in our lives for the better.

That's me...........

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