Saturday, 29 August 2009


Diamond a girl’s best friend? Kindly reconsider. Makeup vanity is a girl’s best friend!

Glamour loves women and women love glamour. Undoubtedly, glamour can only happen at the vanity. Vanity...this is where the magic or disasters happen for many of us. A great vanity is the owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy. Some of us even inherit vanities making others jealous in the nicest way possible.

Obviously, vanities are meant to be hold-all corners for our cosmetics. But, for many of us vanities are more than just makeup tables. When you have loads and loads of products lying around, you would definitely love to showcase them in the boastful manner possible.

I love the way my makeup and junk occupy my vanity. It really feels good to have everything fall into its place. How good does it feel when your makeup too has a proper home like you do? Especially, those things that bother you the most floating around like hairpins, safety pins, tweezers, filers, clippers etc.

We surely love space and ample tabletop space is ideal for the vanity to hold whatever we own. But, many divas out there are rather more creative. Flower vases, favourite photographs, unique jewellery holders started to treasure our vanities. In fact, there is no end for our brilliance. Agreed?

I am a cosmetic junkie for almost 3 years. Products like perfumes, deodorants, compact/hand mirrors, moisturizers, lotions, hair sprays, hair accessories, eye liners, mascaras, eye shadows, nail polish, lip gloss, lipsticks (a pathetic count, of course), foundation, highlighters and compact powders occupy my vanity. Not to mention, the plethora of tools and hair brushes, I recently started collecting.

Anything attractive grabs my attention. I collect junk jewellery, too. Bangles, bracelets and earrings are my priority. As an addict, there have been new additions to the family since then.

Seriously speaking, my collection has always been mismatching. Neither do I have the largest collection of anything in particular nor are they high-street. I never stick to any brand in particular or any item in particular as I love to try everything and anything. Did I hear you groan? I am just a girl who likes her collections.

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