Friday, 28 August 2009

Why did I resume to blogging?

I understand thousands of blogs are being created every single minute, hour and day. Why on Earth should I think that people should follow and rave about my blog? That would be the last thing on my mind.

I am a very sensitive person, but at the same time sensible about what I do. I simply cannnot stand ignorance. Better put this way: I hate it when I don't get acknowledged for what I do. I know I sound cranky. But, I am who I am and thats all I intend to be.

I started this blog with no serious intentions of getting noticed. I am just here trying to learn the ABCs of blogging with the help of my schoolmate and of course, my first friend since 7th grade. She helped me technically and promised to be my mentor all the way. I think this is the most decent way I can mention about my childhood friend and my blog-critic Shilpa Reddy. Thanks a lot buddy for making this possible.

I know I could have done this without your help, but it was written in your fate that the credit should go to you. Just kidding....Hence, this round of applause goes to you. I know its only you and me here to let's celebrate this in the most weird way ever.

Shilpsss, I promise to deliver the best I can in this blog. By the end of this weekend, I will try to give at least a decent amount of subject for you to go through.

This blog is full of my personal thoughts and my opinions on what I have come across so far. Please feel free to comment about my blog, but in a good way.

Thank You & Regards!

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  1. hmmm... so this is what u were doing all these days ....BLOGGING....
    i am happy for u dear that u've been doing something very practical and not wasting time which would only make u bored...keep going girl...wish u all the very best in ur new found hobby.... HAPPY BLOGGING....