Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fragrance men like on women

Freshly bathed, sweet smelling with just a hint of soap is hard to resist! Perfumes make women feel attractive, confident and feminine! If you wear a fragrance your partner likes, it demonstrates that you are paying attention and making an effort to please him. Consequently, it strokes his ego. Hence the name, scent of love!

If you want to find out the fragrance your man likes on you, take him over to the perfume counter and make him smell the samples at a slower pace. It is believed that a cup full of coffee grounds to sniff in between helps him refresh his sense of smell.

Men can remember things in a more positive light with some fragrances on women, especially vanilla. Chances are good with flowery notes. So, it is rather love at first scent!

Your best fragrance is the one that makes you feel good about yourself. But, partner's choice is much much more important! Many might have even come across the response from their men "Its just you" when asked about their favourite fragrance on their women.

Whats yours Shilp? I know you are a perfume-addict! Be honest and share your views on perfumes you ever tried!

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