Saturday, 29 August 2009

Checkerboard Cosmetic Bag

My little black pouch; supposed to be a cosmetic bag, but now a new home for my Ipod. I bought this li'l baby during 2008 Christmas, actually non-sale item. I bought this for 3.50 pounds.

This is ideal for travelling and lets all your cosmetics sit in so you dont have to worry about the leaks and spills. I know any normal wash bag can do this job, but this is a classic piece according to me. So, it always has a special place in my collection and I love it. You can never go wrong with it, especially if it is black.

The price range of M&S always seems to be high-end and not my regular choice except for the accessories and cosmetics. They also seem to have good cosmetics like I have tried their lip gloss wands. Normally you dont find cosmetics online, but instore you get a wide range to choose over. For me, M& S has always been a perfect place for window shopping :))))))))))))))))

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