Saturday, 29 August 2009

One makeup product you cannot live without?

Ever wonder why women like makeup so much? When you put on makeup and look into the mirror, you definitely see a different person. It seems that our brain too responds to makeup. After all, female brain, isn’t it? Our perception too differs with and without makeup. How many of us are confident without makeup, might be the only product we use accordingly.

It seems we have responded for centuries to makeup as it stimulates our touch, smell and sight. First, it stimulates the sense of sight because of the visual impact of the pretty colours we smear all over. Second, while too much fragrance is a turn off, a little bit of fresh scent can be a nice touch. Third, makeup can not only stimulate your hands and fingers, but also our body surface literally.

Research says that our senses trigger distinct psychological results. First, the need to camouflage, which is all about reducing anxiety, supporting our internal defence mechanism and helping with emotional stability. Second is seduction, which is about being more socially assertive and extroverted. So, all depends on our psychological profile.

Compare the way you feel on the day you apply your favourite foundation/blush to the day where you are just satisfied with your plain looks, mascara/gloss whatever. It is kind of stimulating ourselves. You feel glamorous when you are made up. It makes you smile. With the use of makeup, you can control your image for yourself.

I cannot say that I cannot live or I would go on a hunger strike without makeup, but still I love lip gloss and eye makeup a lot. Eyeliner, kohl, mascara and eye shadow would be sufficient for me. To be frank, I am not great in applying those. I apply those like anybody else would do rather than with a more professional touch. There are many ways of applying eye shadows for a particular look. Ex: Arabian look, Bollywood/Hollywood-inspired look, natural look and wing-eyed look. But, I apply the way I feel more comfortable and feasible.

Believe me, I stock lip gloss as if some bird would stock food grains for winter or autumn. I buy more, but use less. In fact, they satisfy my ego for some unknown reason. Sounds odd, eh? I use brands ranging from Lotus, Blistex, Maybelline, Revlon, Street wear to Sally Hansen, L’Oreal and Clinique.

If there is one product I cannot stay without rather than live without, that would be my deo/perfume. My mother always taught me to live and let others live.............................

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