Friday, 28 August 2009

Story of MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

During the transit at Dubai Airport a fortnight back, I didnt know how to kill my time. I have had enough sleep on my way from Chennai, so I was a bit relaxed. I was totally in a mood to explore as this will be my only last time I can freely go around in Dubai Airport. The next time I go to Dubai will be my final return to my home land........INDIA........yayyyy......I know thats a very sad yayyyy...

My DH finally took me to Terminal 3, which is exclusively meant for Emirates (silly me, I guess all of you must be knowing) and we found our gate # very soon. Fortunately, I found a MAC store right in front and started to run. My DH started grumbling about the proximity of our gate to the MAC store, but it was so sweet of him to take me there to explore all I can. In fact, he was a bit relieved that I dont have a second chance.

I have been to India in June for my sweet little brother's wedding. Of course, thats a different story. For the wedding and reception, my beautician used MAC on me. I asked her if she could suggest any product for my skin tone and she said NC#42 will suit me. I think I dont have to exaggerate about this "NC" as I guess everybody knows MAC and its products. So, I tried NC#42 on me and OMG......... I looked like Halloween. I was a bit worried that I could never in my life find a proper foundation for my skin tone.

Then, the girl at MAC (not sure if she was a professional artist, i dont think so) was so sweet suggesting NC #50 and I was very much comfortable with that. I was literally on cloud nine that I got my hands on MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation.

The only regret was I could not try NC #55. To be honest, I didnt know that there was any shade darker than what I chose. So, ends the story.

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