Monday, 1 February 2010


Of late, I have been too lazy to blog! Accept my sincere apologies, my girls! On that note, I am here to introduce two awesome Indian beauty bloggers I discovered lately! I proudly present to you Shivani and Vinita! A huge round of applause to both!

To be honest, Shivani was discovered a couple of weeks before! An Indian from Canada in her early twenties! She made 11 posts as of now, everything ranging from Body Shop to MAC! She went on a spree lately spending $300! Oh yeah! You heard me right! Imagine her love for makeup! I wanted to do introduce her long back in  my blog, but was not sure if she likes it or not! I couldnt wait anymore! I feel she really deserves an introduction!

I hate when people ignore me! I know better how it feels to get unnoticed! But, she did welcome that with a wide smile! She did not sit back and mourn! She is definitely a roaring spirit! I dont insist you follow her blog, but it would be really encouraging to just notice her blog! Who knows? You might get addicted! You can make her day more beautiful!

Vinita was discovered just now! Vinita Jayanth is from Mumbai, India! She is 19, very sweet and adorable little thing! She just made her debut post! It happened to be her Lakme lip tint review which helped me find her! Yet to know more about her! Fun part, Rati and Vinita are already friends! Great going, Rati! Proves you are such a sweet heart by giving a shout out in your blog! Again, I am not sure if Vinita likes this kinda introduction! I dont insist you follow her blog, but a couple of encouraging words will definitely keep her on track! All she needs, a little push! Of course, upwards!

Shivani and Vinita! If you dont like my anonymous introduction, please do let me know! I felt you definitely deserve a mention! Beauty bloggers from India are a great find, these days! They make my day more beautiful, without their knowledge! We are all here just to cheer you up! Keep blogging! Warm welcome to the blogging world! Here is a warm hug to you both! Like it or not, do return my hugs without fail! Hope you like my surprise!


  1. awww so sweet of you!
    ive checked out their blogs thanx!!

  2. so nice of you to introduce new blogger...
    i will chk their blogs..:)


  4. i'll have a look too...great idea! :o)

  5. thanks divija. ur awesome :)

  6. awww so sweet of you hun! I'l defo be following them. I love to meet beauty bloggers from India too :)

  7. Oh sure to support those lovely girls!You do amazin reviews and so detailing in them, i feel bad why true and good people are ignored!!! we love you, continue your good job, god bless!!!

  8. Very sweet of u Div...will check them out