Thursday, 31 December 2009

Boxing Day Fling

How was ur Xmas eve? Shopping? Hauls? Gifts? I know I am kinda late, but better late than never! So, I am here to present to you what I got for Boxing Day, which was 26th of December...

Bobbled Pintail Comb
The Body Shop Cheek n Eye palette, Nutmeg n Vanilla lip balm
Playboy lipsticks, eyeshadow duos, blushes
Zara Weekend bag, Black handbag

I am sure my blog deserves "Most Pathetic Presentation" award, but what to do? I am trying my best to avoid headaches taking pics and posting! Seriously girls, its hell lotta work!

Playboy Cosmetics are about to disappear from the aisles forever, if I heard it right! Rush to your local Superdrug to grab these! You have to try these! Dont go by the packaging! Not this time, at least!

P.S: You all know, I review each and every product including the prices, so there is no point in saying "I am not paid to do this." Of course, I was neither paid nor got these for free! I wish somebody did, though!


  1. Wish you a very happy New Year, hun. :)

  2. omg whre did you get that black handbag from?
    i want it lol
    i've never bought playboy mkeup, cos alwaysthought it was cheap looking.
    but i'll defo have to check it out now!

  3. Great haul!!! Sorry i have exams so only a bit busy, hope you have a great New Year!!

  4. I love that black bag...looks very expensive!

    Happy new year!

  5. wow..i love those bags.. really pretty.. :) how much do they cost by the way??

    n yeah..i agree..taking pics and posting a really messy process which needs a loooooooot of time.. :(

    n happy new year dear.. :)

  6. Happy New Year makeup queen DR!!! :)

  7. A lovely haul girlie! I am seriously loving those handbags! Happy New Year to you hun! xoxo

  8. great haul, i love the bags!! happy new year, hope this year is a good one x