Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Top 10 lip looks

A quick way to freshen up your look is changing your lip color! Agreed? I do! I present you the top 10 lip looks; the choice is yours!

Lip Stain - Gives sheer long-lasting natural color. Add a touch of gloss or layer under a lipstick for added depth.

Nude Lips - Look full and healthy. Perfect for dramatic eyes. Go for a shade fraction lighter or darker than your natural skin tone.

Satin Lipstick - Ideal for everyday. Its less severe, more forgivig than a matte finish and more subtle than a gloss.

Strong Red Matte - Spells the classic high maintenance glamor of 1950s screen sirens.

Deep Colors - Work well on darker skin tone for a dramatic night-time look. Balance with strong well-defined brows.

Tinted balm - Ideal for everyday. It gives natural touch of color while keeping lips moisturized and protected. Easy to reapply!

High-Shine Glossy Lips - Create instant glamor. Make the lips look fuller and draw attention to your mouth - great for a luscious evening look.

Creamy Lipstick - Shades of soft pink or peach gives a fresh and youthful feel to a natural day time look.

Pale Colors - Make lips look fuller. Add a touch of highlighter above the cupid's bow and draw just outside the natural lip line. A dab of gloss at the centre of the lower lip accentuates your pout.

Geisha Cupid Bow - Has a sharply defined V that needs to be drawn with precision. It works well with strong, bright colors in gloss or matte.

Girls, I didnt wanna scare you! Sorry for the nasty photo, but I had a hearty laugh! Not that you freaked out, but you were so innocent and sweet :) really sorry girls....promise you I wont repeat! Hope you like this pic better! For a second, I thought she was having nail polish brush on her lips :) wat say? I never came across a wand like that before!

(Courtesy: Jemma Kidd & Photobucket)


  1. Woah! Scary pic of Tyra there n I'm about to go to bed!! :)
    But nice post girl...I love lip products the most I think.

  2. omg that pics so scary :S

    nice info thou :)

  3. Hey, nice interesting post on lipstick types.. but the pic thr is kinda scary! :D...

  4. I use the tip given for 'Pale Colours'. Geee!! I am going to faint after watching this pick. :D

  5. Scary pic of Tyra? what was that? I cant see any pic of Tyra!

    Anyway, a nice and interesting post! thankQ for sharing it with us sweetie! xoxo

  6. Haha...u changed the pic..goodyyy :D
    This one looks yummy!