Thursday, 24 December 2009

Tag: 8 Most Worn Things

If you dont know what this tag is really about, nee bother! You are given a set of questions to answer! If you are kind enough and have some time to kill, you could include pictures as well! Okee, here we go!!

1. Most worn lipstick/gloss? This was originally most worn lipstick, but somebody included gloss! Why not include lip balm/conditioner as well?

Lipstick: L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Aishwarya Beige #708, the most deceiving shade!

Lipgloss: L'oreal Glam Shine Blush #155 Plum Blush, the one below!

Lip balm: Vaseline Rosy Lips

2. Most worn earrings? Traditional 7-stone studs, but mine are actually nose pins!

3. Most worn shirt? @ Republic sale for 10 pounds, which originally retails for 19.99 pounds!

4. Most worn nailpolish? #065 Cozy Rosy from Color Bar. Bought this for 65 INR 2 years back, so not sure of the current tag! Do they still make this? I would love a backup!

5. Most worn shoes? UK, Skechers trainers, irrespective of season! Retails for about 40 pounds!

6. Most worn hair product? Other than shampoo and conditioner? GHD thermal protector before I straighten my hair! Retails for about 10 pounds, but was a freebie!

7. Most worn perfume? I keep changing between Davidoff Cool Water and Calvin Klein Euphoria!

8. Most worn handbag/purse? Gifted by DH, Republic Floral Spotty slouch, retails for 19.99 pounds!

P.S: I dont claim the rights to some photographs! Do let me know if you own those! Thanq!


  1. omg!
    don't you just love skechers?!?
    ive always had a pair, although this time i bought a pair of playboy ones!!
    i love tht top! so cute.

  2. wow tht bag z so nyc..

  3. Hi Divija,

    Your blog is so cute, thanks for your comment! A good dance teacher can show you the exercises for developing grace. Some people have it naturally, but for those who don't you can develop it in time. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. very cute pink top hun :)

  5. wow .. that lipgloss in plum blush looks b'ful !!
    btw MERRY christmas !!
    may santa grant wateva yu deserve

    much love

  6. I really want the Vaseline Rosy Lips!! I have not seen that here :\. Lol Aishwarya shade looks violet there!:D
    Thanks for yr sweet comment :)