Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Claire's time ;)

I totally forget my age, thanks to Claire's! This is the only place where I can look at things the whole day without getting bugged! I actually went back for a hair band I was kinda lemming since my first tiara-band! I went for the tan brown, but guess what! I ended up buying a black one instead :) Still, I love the tan brown one so it might find its place safe in my blog, one fine day!

This is it!!!! Black band, which retails for 4.50 pounds! As you see, its black silk kinda fabric layered with polka-dotted fabric. It has some black plastic detailing towards the side, which is really fun! Will surely post a pic (me wearing the band) in a couple of days, so kindly bear with me as you always did!!!

Hope y'all like it as much as I do...


  1. i'm not a headband kinda gal..but i really like that..can't wait to see the pic of you wearing it!!!

  2. OMG i so so so love this, this is so bad we dont have all this in India :(

  3. I bought one slightly similar myself.. they look so 70s!

  4. I love hair bands. This is the only stuff that can keep my bangs back. :)

    This one looks pretty. :)