Thursday, 31 December 2009

Cory Walia

Fashion Moksh had a chat with Cory Walia aka Karamjit Singh Walia, ace Indian makeup artist. Here are some of the key excerpts!

Which is the time-tested, faithful and a must-have makeup tool?

Eyelash curler

Which complexion is more exciting and challenging?

I must confess that I'm very excited by deeper and darker skin tones. I love working with them because with very little makeup there is a zing factor. Like Sheetal Malhar, many really really dusky girls. Something happens with my make up on that face. That really excites me. I'm passionate about dark skin. Also in this country, I'm against fairness creams, complexion enhancement creams and whitening system. And so I always feel that you know women with the darker complexion and darker skin tones in India are not given a fair chance, if you forgive the expression. I make it a point actually when I'm choosing somebody from the audience at the seminar or the demonstration to pull out the darkest person and then do the look on them and people are just shocked. I like that. I like to show off like that.

Who would you rate the most beautiful person?

I think I would rate as a most beautiful person someone with an inner strength that comes out in her face and someone who doesn't require my help at all. Some one like Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar, the leader who was jailed in her house for some years. Or Medha Patkar. Or I think without makeup Smita Patil, that's one face which I would have loved to have worked on because I know it would take only small tichkies to do it. But basically she didn't require make-up and I have seen movies in which she has been putting up extra makeup. She always looked not as good as when she is without makeup. So, yeah, I think they are the most beautiful women. Where the inner shakti comes out through the eyes and in the face, actually main adhura rah jata hun because I don't have any work to do.

What's the current trend?

The current trend is extreme glamour in the most natural manner. So it should not look painted. Your skin should look like skin yet your eyes should be extenuated fairly strongly, your lips should not leap off the crease of your face but should look full and sensuous and expressive. And it's all about very good looking skin basically. Then your eyeliner, kajal, eye shadows. These things are just accessories. But basically current trend at the moment is all about beautiful skin and there is makeup available that gives the illusion, but there are also products available that actually help you to make reality of beautiful skin. They are just there to help you to make that reality instantly. Beautiful eye shadows and eye liners and eye pencils in lots of jewel tones, mauve, lilac, certain shades of coral , rust for Indian skin tones, shades of green, deeper greens combined with blacks and browns are looking very nice. And on lips also it's a lot about a smooth creamy texture, not too glossy, not too matt not too pouty, not too much.

Which products you recommend for the masses which are trendy yet affordable?

I would say the color liquid eye liner, kajal pencils, other eye liner pencils, lip pencils and lip balm. A combination of lip balm and full lip pencil to outline and fill in it is long lasting and it looks very nice and gives the correct effect because of the heat and the humidity of the current climate. I would say that compact, a good oil absorbing compact, water proof mascara.

Your advice to upcoming makeup artists?

Be sincere to your job. Be sincere to your profession. Be humble and keep learning on a daily basis, even after you are established. It's not about money as much as it's about integrity. Keep innovating and use yourself as your benchmarking, keep trying to be better, compete with yourself at every level and be hygienic. Don't eat onions and garlic. Don't smoke. If your dental hygiene is not good you maybe a very good makeup artist, but there will always be bitching about you behind your back. Always be aware of that dental and personal hygiene is very important for a makeup artist.

(Courtesy: Fashion Moksh)

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