Tuesday, 22 December 2009

VLCC Lip Shield Strawberry

Okee, here is a review on VLCC Lip Shield in Strawberry...

Claims: This unique lip shield enriched with Strawberry, vitamin E & Shea Butter helps heal chapped lips, conditions & keeps them soft & moist, while protecting them from harmful effects of the sun (SPF-10), wind and cold.

The story behind this buy; my li'l sis has been using this religiously. I was tempted to try this and liked it right away. I got attracted to the scent of it, especially.

This cute little 10 ml container retails for 80 INR. I bought this solely based on the longevity of the product. It has a 4-year-expiry period. I dont know why things with more life expectancy get my attention. Off late, my interest has been carried over from lip glosses to lip balms :)

Coming to the product, its kinda sheer sans waxy feel on the lips. Its not heavy, but not as light as Vaseline rosy lips. Look at the pigmentation, blood red! Its definitely not the same on ur lips!

As promised, it is enriched with Strawberry, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, it really helps heal the pout. It tints your lips, but not to a great extent. I always like to use my fingers to apply (of course, sanitized). It acts as a real good base for any lip product like lipstick or lip gloss. Staying power is decent!

The sweetest thing about this little baby is it has SPF 10, which means it protects the lips from sun to some extent. It also comes in different flavours like Mint and Cocoa butter, suitable for all skin types. I cant complain for 80 bucks! I like the potted balms, comparitively!!! What about you?

The Cocoa-butter flavour looked like cold coffee in a pot. As coffee is a big no-no for me, I passed that! I have heard enough of the mint-flavoured lip products, which is nothing but a marketing strategy I suppose. Hence, I opted for the strawberry flavour. It reminds me of vanilla essence or strawberry ice cream??? I literally hate strawberry flavour, especially in candies, chewing gum and ice cream, but this one got my attention somehow! Really glad I got my hands on! Good investment for a lip treatment, if you wanna try something different. This is suitable for all skin types, by the way.

No downside to this, as far as I know! Why I bought this? Just to build my collection, but I will definitely repurchase this! Now, I want Cocoa Butter flavor as well! Not sure about the mint one! Have you tried VLCC lip shield yet?

Here is the mint flavor:

Here is the Cocoa butter flavor:

I told you it luks like potted cold coffee!!! If you are a coffee-lover, give it a try!

P.S: Sonali @ Asian Beautifier: I have this lip balm in cocoa butter and mint flavours! The mint one leaves a tingly sensation on my lips which I love! The cocoa butter does not taste & smell anything like coffee! These are my fav lip balm at the moment! Thanq, Sonali!

(Courtesy: VLCC)


  1. Wow, thanks so much , i love it.

  2. Am seeing balms everywhere . I almost placed an order wit asos last night for korres butter balm in wild rose. Now i wonder why i didnt hit proceed to check out :( i so wanna buy mint one aftr reading yous review. And only rs 80? Totally worth it.

  3. Never tried VLCC stuff ever..the way u described it as potted cold coffee sounds good :)


  4. These things look very pretty.. Like all lip balms do :D.. Somehow VLCC never seems to do much for me. Not tht i break out or anything, but it also does not seem to deliver on their promises..

  5. I have never been inclined to buy any of VLCC stuff. I have no clue why is that just that VLCC never interests me.

  6. Hey Divija! I have this lip balm in cocoa butter and mint flavours! the mint one leaves a tingly sensation on my lips which I love! the cocoa butter does not taste & smell anything like coffee! these are my fav lip balm at the moment! xoxo

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