Thursday, 17 December 2009

Award time

Another ruby for my tiara!!! Ever-smiling Cynthia......hmmm....when I think of her, rabbit strikes my mind, so I name her "Baby Bunny". Hope she likes this one as well!!! Baby Bunny Cynthia has bestowed my blog with another award. Its "Blog I Read A Lot!" I believe a simple "Thanq" is not the proper way for the love and support Cynthia and other followers showered! Girls, you are making me emotional :( sob sob!!! Love you all for everything, girls! There is no SUCCESS without U, honestly!

I have to tag 10 blogs which I read frequently, obviously!!! I have already tagged the beauties who follow my blog so I am afraid I have nobody left! They already have tonnes and tonnes of awards to their account! So, I pass on the award to all my followers! Now, there is nobody missing!!!

No formalities, please! Feel free to copy paste the award in your blog! Sorry, but I hate to follow the rules!!! Controversial, eh? Nee bother!!!


  1. Congrats on winning the award girlie! you truely deserve this award! xoxo

  2. Hi Baby Bunny :D I like! I'm happy u like yr award *.*