Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Weekday Fling

Hi Girls,

Hope you all are doing well! I have been to the mall today after work, so here I present to you my second haul for the week!

Lemme be honest! I bought the 2true Cheek n Lip tint last week, but forgot to include that in the previous haul pic! Amnesia, what to do!!! It happens often! Here are the products I was lemming for quite some time!

First, 2true Cheek n Lip tint for 1.95 pounds. In abstract, this is rose tinted stain for lips and cheeks! I must be joking! Who wouldnt know about this? This is the spitting dupe :) of Benefit's Benetint, which retails for about 22 pounds!!! WHOA...

Second, a 12-shadow palette from Active Cosmetics! You can find these in UK at Pound Land, Pound Saver, Body Care etc. I got mine from Pound Saver for 1.99 pounds! I am not sure if they retail anywhere else, lemme know if they do! Sceptical about the quality, but fell for the colors!!! Wat say? D stands for Desperate!!!

Third, Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in #39 Natural Rosewood / Bois de Rose Naturel. You might not find this in the website (?), but Ebay has it! Correct me if I am wrong! If you come across a review on this color, do lemme know! Would really appreciate that! For some reason, I believe this is yet to be reviewed on the net! This was for 1.99 pounds, as well!

Last, but not the least! Revlon Lip Glide Sheer in #030 Sheerly Cocoa or Lustre Cacao as in some other world! Nee bother! Guess what! I love love love this! My kinda shade! I believe Revlon discontinued the Lip Glide range! Correct me if I am wrong! No thrashing, please! This was for 1.99 pounds, again!

Will do proper reviews and swatches in a couple of days! Till then, cheerio!


  1. WOW, i love maybelline moisture rich lipsticks, they are so awesome for my dry lips!!

  2. Gr8! u seemed to have bagged a lot of discounts! This 2true tint sounds really nice ya, & cheap too! Frankly never heard of it coz it does not retail here, but now i really want it :D

  3. hey !! hi divija .. thats a great haul :)
    was meaning to read yer blog , but my exams are on mah head ... next is chem .. em so damn scared :/

    have heard that natarul rosewood is a great color for ladies like us :)

  4. Nice haul! Love the colors in the eyeshadow palette

  5. Hey award for u in my blog hun

  6. Nice haul girlie! hope you are well now! take care xoxo

  7. Hals are always a yay! and discounts are a cherry on top! :)

    Do review it for us.

    Good Day!

  8. ooo the eyeshadow pallete has pretty colours x