Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40

Wondering why am I posting about sun blocks and SPFs in this chilly winter? I felt like doing this since long, but could not for some reason! This product really deserves a review, sooner or later! I so love this! So, here we are...Clinique Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40...whoaaaaaaa! I am like moving my mouth in all directions possible! Good for oral exercise!

Claims: The level of sun and environmental damage is increasing, as the ozone layer is decreasing. So, whether you are sunning at the beach or taking a walk around the block - even a cloudy day - you are expecting exposure to skin-aging and burning UVA and UVB rays. In addition, environmental aggressors such as smoke, smog and pollution come into contact with your skin every day. But, Super City Block SPF 40 provides a high level of daily sun protection many skins need.

Apply liberally before exposure to sun, as needed. Apply right before makeup as an invisible primer or alone on bare skin. Smooth evenly over your entire face. For gentle efficient removal, use any Clinique makeup remover designed to remove long-wearing color. Using fingertips, apply on cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and blend. The Clear Block range also has SPF 25, but I was wise enough to pick this. Indian weather, you would need more than that like SPF 95 :)

Suitable: All skin types, even the most sensitive.

This is allergy-tested and 100% fragrance free. The highest level of SPF in this formula helps protect skin from the damaging UVA/UVB. It contains boosted level of anti-oxidants for added hours of protection from environmental aggressors. Safe to use around the eyes, often the most vulnerable to sun damage. The remarkably sheer, weightless formula slips on easily and absorbs quickly. This also claims the ability to hold makeup in place, making it last longer.

God, where should I begin? Luv the sage green packaging! Its not in the picture, but this has a steel cap! I bought this along with the Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, hence qualified for the promotion. I wanted to try this because any regular sun block would cost the same or may be a couple of pounds lesser! What a justification?

The consistency is not runny, sticky or greasy! YAY for the non-greasy formula! It doubles up as foundation, call it tinted whateva! It absorbs easily into the skin, but without any efforts? I dont think so! You need to work well blending this into the skin, especially darker skin! Once you blend, it makes the skin silky soft!

Dont get scared! The formula looks like foundation, but sheer version of a foundation! I normally dot the product on my face and use my fingers to blend it well! One thing I observed, leave the product for some time on the face, it becomes tough to work with! Does it make any sense? I am trying to speak English, but I am like duhhhh...

I have to work immediately the moment this product touches my face or it masks my face! Looks like I have white wash on! The product balls up, if that makes any sense! You dont have to be liberal with this, the slightest amount works well! So, start with little and use accordingly! This retails for 13 pounds for 40 ml, but it lasts ages!

This gives a luminous effect or healthy glow to the face, remember, no greasy looks! Leaves your skin well hydrated for a long time! I tried using this as a primer/base and it worked! I am not sure about the staying power of the makeup with this, but definitely stays on for at least a decent amount of time! Justified :) For combination - oily skin, this should work as a moisturizer as well! Great 2 in 1!

Seriously, I am a lazy bug when it comes to makeup. I am not a liquid foundation person. I use either MAC Studio fix powder or Lakme Radiance Compact! I tried using this along with MAC Studio Fix Powder and it gave an even matte finish! What more could I ask for? Its so simple to get the "done" looks with this! It fades out evenly, as far as my knowledge goes! Never broke out or had no patches!

Who wouldnt appreciate the higher SPF? I refused to get away with the SPF 25 suggested by the sales assistant, explained where I come from and she was like "Oh...I would prefer 40+ then..." I didnt get to try the SPF 25, so cannot comment if there is literally any difference!

I dont consider this as a downside, but you cannot see the product inside! The packaging looks obese, so I can say I have ton left! Anyway, it worked for my combination - oily skin! For some reason, I feel this might be bit drier on the dry skin, so better use a moisturizer along! Good primer to try, according to my research! No hassles whatsoeva!

Repurchase? 200% YES!

Recommend? 300% YES!

Instant Gratification? 400% YES!

Am I hallucinating or the product really has some fragrance? Too conscious :)


  1. I always hear good things about this..after reading this I'm actually considering buying it next summer. YES!

  2. I used Clinique products once. In fact, I was invited for their Delhi Launch store. And they even picked me up as their model for demonstration of their products. :P Never got chance to pick anything from the brand after that.

    A non greasy sunscreen is a yay! :)

  3. Oh this one looks great for Indian summer! Currently I'm using the Shehnaz Hussain Sun block in SPF 25, which is good for the winters, I'm thinking of doing a review on it pretty soon xoxo

  4. wow ! thanx for da review gurly !!
    I wantd to try clinique for so long .. em so happy dat yu bloggd about this .
    It sounds totally ME .. non greasy , ya knw
    will try to pick up once em ova my current sunblocks :)

  5. Seems interesting! might give it a go but I doubt i'l need this until summer comes which is after aaages :(

  6. Thanks for the review!

    Check out my blog too if you like! :)

  7. I love this, my fave sunblock ever! Amazing review!