Friday, 4 December 2009

Biotique Berberry Lotion Face Cleanser

Phew...that was mouthful! Okee girlies, today I present you the Bio Berberry aka Berberry lotion face cleanser. Unlike the honey gel, this is non-foaming effective blend of herbal extracts with natural oils that deep cleanses the skin. Contains Berberry, Red Sandalwood, Fenugreek, Lodhra Bark and Almond Oil. It retails for 135 INR for 120 ml. You can also get this in 1100 ml packaging, which could be useful for commercial purposes like at the beauty salons!

The packaging claims this is a blend of plant extracts with natural oils that deep cleanse the skin. The healing properties of Berberry, Red sandalwood, Lodhra bark and fenugreek plants along with the almond oil help cure skin blemishes.

Usage:  Lightly massage into face and neck with finger tips. Remove with damp cotton pads. Use skin freshner to remove last traces of dirt and makeup. Follow with freshner and then moisturizer.

The consistency is not runny, kinda semi I can say! I hate applying products with cotton pads, especially cleansers. I use my fingers, instead! For some reason, I believe fingers help in even distribution of the product like the areas cotton pads cannot reach! It doesnt take long to sink in, so by the time you finish applying this to the whole face, your face is ready for the task!

Remember, this is not a foaming formula. So, apply and wipe it off with cotton pads. It doesnt leave the skin dry. I dont say this moisturizes the skin 200%, but for some reason I feel my skin is not deprived of essential oils. Comparitively, skin feels hydrated. It doesnt leave any residue post application, so YAY for the non-greasy formula! Of course, who wouldnt know the difference between greasy skin and hydrated skin? No more parchy skin! I recommend using finger tips to make the best use of it!

It completely removes the makeup, but that has to be minimal. If you are loaded, I cant promise! Then, this should work for house-wives coz they have minimal makeup, logic eh :) Does it remove my mascara? I never tried that! I am too lazy to use eye makeup remover, so I normally get rid of my makeup using a foaming cleanser. That should do, I believe!

Unlike the other 2 products from Biotique, this smells YUCK! When I say that, it means really weird, for some reason! Duh...dont know how to describe this! It has fenugreek and oil notes somewhere! If you tried this, you would know what I mean!

Shall we move on to know more about the ingredients? Here we go...

Berberry aka Berberis aristata aka Tree Turmeric: Berberone hydrochloride, an alkaloid isolated from this was found to have significant anti-inflammatory activity. The roots are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. This drug is used in periodic neuralgia and menorrhagia (heavy periods).

Red Sandalwood aka Rakt Chandan aka Pterocarpus santalinus: Native to India, this is only found in South-India! The aqueous extracts of the plant exhibit antibiotic activity, mostly used in anti-wrinkle formulae. Being an astringent and cooling agent, it is used in several skin care preperations. Helps treat pimples and acne. This is anti-septic, wound-healing agent also used in perfume for different purposes. Paste of this wood acts as a cooling agent by external application for inflammation and headache. The powder can be made into a paste with honey and water and used directly on the face. It can also be combined with ashwagandha and cosmetic clays or mud for a detoxifying facial. Red sandalwood is used in soap to yield a dark maroon to purple color. Try using 1 teaspoon of red sandalwood powder per pound of soap. It should be added at light trace.

Lodhra bark aka Symplocus racemosa: The astringent bark helps treat liver complaints, menorrhagia and uterine disorders. This is also used in anti-wrinkle formulae. A decoction of the bark is used to treat spongy bleeding gums. The bark was prescribed for snake bite and scorpion sting.

Fenugreek: Treats wounds, inflammations, fever, muscle ache, diabetes, ulcer and cholesterol. Acts as a cleansing agent and helps reduce weight. Finest herb in enhancing feminine beauty, its anti-oxidants slow ageing and help prevent disease. Soothes skin irritated by eczema.

P.S: This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.

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