Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Makeup Bloopers

"Never try a new thing when you are in rush". How true is that? Ever had a makeup disaster? Of course, most of us have remedies handy, but what about those innocent? Do they have to start over from the scratch...

How many of us really have a first aid kit for face? Wondering "First aid for face???What the hell?" Do you wanna save your face from goofs? Make sure you have these...

1. Tissues/Blotting tissues.

2. Round and wedge-shaped make up sponges.

3. Powder puff.

4. Translucent powder.

5. Eye make-up remover.

6. Eyebrow brush.

7. Q-tips or cotton buds.

Foundation: Looks unalluringly two-toned along the hairline or jawline? Blend with a clean and dry makeup sponge until the line disappears. Doesnt work? Try blending with translucent powder dusted on to a soft puff.

Blush: Clown cheeks calling for attention? Rub a clean and dry makeup sponge over your brush srokes to take the color out. Soften the color even further with a translucent powder and redo with a new subtler blush shade. Using a cheek stain? Apply immediately over your foundation, blending with a sponge. If they directly contact your skin, they might seep into pores and look splotchy.

Lipstick: Bleeding lips? Blot 'em gently with tissues until they come away clean. Still seeing a stain? Moisturize your lips, leave it for a couple of minutes and blot again. Finish it with a neutral shade.

Mascara: Ever sneezed doing this? Dont even try! If you happen to use waterproof mascara, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and dab gently. If its not waterproof, just dampen the Q-tip with water :) Use the other end of Q-tip to apply your foundation/concealer.

Brows: Made a masculine line? Wanna remove the excess? All you need would be few strokes with a clean brow brush. Doesnt work? Try cotton bud.

Add your 2 cents and make it more alluring :)

(Courtesy: Beauty Bible)


  1. o0o0o0 some really nice tips...thanx divija, i always get my mascara everywhere and end up tugging my skin...i should go get a make up remover.

  2. hey, nice tips! I always have trouble with cheek stains, though i still love them so.. will keep your tip in mind!

  3. Hey thanks for the tips. Very useful. :)I have sneezed and blinked quite a number of times while applying mascara. lol!!

  4. PR, thnq and glad to be of help :)

    something wrong with ur comment moderation, kindly check that :)

  5. tanvi, thnq honey :) try that and lemme know if this tip really was of some use :)

  6. Rati, did u start over again? wat wud u do, then? hahahaaaaaa...