Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Hey girlies,

Thanq all very much for the heart-felt warmth! You all made my day, honestly :)

Here is an update, if you wish to know only! I volunteer at Cancer Research UK like every tuesday, that got extended to thursday as well, which means 2 days a week! Now, I got that extended to complete week like 5 days! I am a book-elephant :), if you dont know! I wanted to keep myself occupied, so I volunteered to sort out the books :) YES! This is where I manage to get hold of all those lovely books that sit elegantly in my cupboard!

I am not finding enough time to blog coz I always get lost among those books! Please dont mind for not commenting or visiting your blogs! Infact I am finding time somehow to read all the blogs, so I am late to bed like YAWN i.e. 12 at night! Only thing I am not able to manage is comment on your blog posts! Please be considerate as you always were! I will surely be updating my blog quite often!

I thank each and every reader, friend, follower in person for the sweetest comments and "get well soon" wishes! Makes me feel cozier :) You are the best! Wuv you thich much!


  1. hey I juz checkd yer previous post and discovered u weren't well . U alryt na hun ??
    missed yer posts