Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bobbi Brown Makeup Master Class

No woman needs more than 10 steps to make the difference. Most days, less than that! Decide whats most crucial and make that your every day regime. Each of us is blessed with a positive feature! Get to know that and play with it as much as you can. Here are the 10 steps:

Foundation: Use foundation wherever necessary, mostly under the eyes, around the mouth, nose and on any blemishes.

Concealer: Stick foundation doubles as a concealer. Blend it with finger - especially on the bone at the inner corner of the eyes and around the nose.

Powder: For mornings, apply loose powder with a velour puff, dust off with a big fluffy brush. Put some powder in the palm and press the puff into it and then, onto the face. Carry pressed powder for daytime touch-ups. Make sure it should not make you look pale.

Brows: Use a powder, instead with a hard-edged brush. Dont make them too dark. Just enough color to define them.

Eyeliner: Better do this before shadow. Try using a eyeliner brush dipped in dark shadow, wet or dry.

Eyeshadow: When more impact is needed just than your liner, sweep a neutral highlighter shade which doubles as a base to help shadow stay put. The more tired you are, the more you need shadow.

Blusher: The right shade can make you look young, pretty and fresh. You could try a neutral shade first and top up with a brighter one. The darker your skin, the more blush you need.

Lipstick: Personally, I prefer to apply this straight from the tube. Lip brushes make lipstick last longer. Lip stains are really natural-looking choice.

Lip pencil: If the lips need more definition, apply liner after lipstick. It looks less hard-edged.

Mascara: A good mascara should color and curl your lashes with just one coat. If you have to use an eyelash curler, there is something wrong with your mascara. BB hates lash curlers, by the way :)

According to Bobbi, evening beauty needs nothing more than the day makeup; the difference is in the colors. More foundation, deeper/brighter/shimmery lipstick, touch of pearl shadow to the brow bone. Try darker colors on the eyes: charcoal/navy/slate. Remember, darker...not heavier! The mistake most women make is to go for a complete change. If the colors need blending on the skin, you are wearing the wrong makeup. Try and look natural!

(Courtesy: Beauty bible & Sqidoo)


  1. PR, did u fix the problem? I badly wanna comment on ur blog, but some prob with the comment moderation. kindly luk into that... thnq, hun :)

  2. Palak, again disappeared? wish u try all these tips and hope they work for u :) thnq honey :)

  3. This model looks like Yana Gupta. BB hates eyelash curler??? I think it makes mascara application easier n right from the roots :)


  4. Cynthia, one thing BB reiterates "If you are using curler for the drama, there is something wrong with your mascara."

    Dont u think d photo is 2 much photoshopped? whateva...xoxo

  5. Yup yup yup.. too much photoshop. She looks *dead* haha.. :D

  6. I have this book too! The beauty bible.. It's a great read! isn't it? Don't you feel that BB tips are good for maybe a subtle look.. but the colors she suggests are not very glam for night time.. I seem to prefer glittery eye pencils :D