Monday, 14 December 2009

Weekend Fling

Hey, long time no see! I am sick coz the weather in Scotland is really horrible since a week like its densely foggy and I am freezing to death! Its -2 C, by the way! Might not be a great deal for others, but for people from tropical climate like India will surely know the difference! I was dreaming about the beauty of snow, blame the movies, but now I really hate that! If you had never experienced snow, the fact is it stinks! Stinks like fish! I think I am gonna puke! If you are out on a snowy day, your hair stinks like YUCK! So, what I wish to convey is I might not be able to comment on your blogs for a while, but dont forget that I am reading everything you post! Kindly register in your minds that I am sick! I know you will coz you all are my considerate sweet little things :)

This weekend, I have been to Alloa and Glasgow! I have been to MAC for the first time! There is no exclusive MAC, hence its housed in House of Fraser, a British department store that retails clothing, houseware and cosmetics! Enough said! Looks like I am trying to promote HoF! I could not get to browse more at MAC coz they were calling the day off, if that makes any sense! So, I convinced myself that I will be getting back for New Year...YAY! My year starts with MAC :) Please bear with me! I sound like drunk, but I promise I am NOT!

Lets get back to the fun! I finally got my hands on the Ecotools brush set! I got the 6-piece set, the powder brush and the foundation brush! I got WnW Illuminating Bronzing Powder, WnW blush in 2 shades, Neutrogena lipcare, Blistex lip conditioner, a necklace from ASDA and hair band from Claires...phew! I am done talking!

P.S: WnW means WetnWild Cosmetics. Silly me, therez no hair band in the pic! Will post that soon!


  1. Hey Divija,

    Good to see you back. And hauls are always fun. :)

    The brushes look pretty soft. The brands sound new to me. Do let us know how they are in actual.

    Get well soon, hun. :)

  2. Glad to see u back . Get well soon. :):)


  3. Hi Divija..nice haul. WnW blushes look fab n so does the bronzer. I want that Blistex lip balm!Such a pretty heart necklace. Let us know how u find Ecotools brushes.
    Hope u feel better soon..keep warm n have lots of comfort foods. I know what u mean about Scotland, it's too damn cold for my liking. Snow stinks???! I never knew care

  4. Hey dear! I am sorry to know about your health, you know I hate going out on a snowy weather, it sucks big time!
    Oh I'm loving these brushes! I have been meaning to try the WnW blushers for sometime now, I might pick these up on my next shopping trip.

    Ok you take care and get well soon xoxo

  5. Hey lovely, i love ecotools, amazing

  6. hi i loved the blushers