Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Double duty beauty

Are cosmetics designed for a sole purpose? Do you find using them for more than one? Today, we discuss about the cleverest finds which performs more than what they are designed for!

Eyeshadow pencil                  - Brow liner

Creamy-color eye shadow     - Under eye concealer (top it with matching foundation)

Eye makeup base                   - Blemish concealer

Rosy lipstick/gloss                 - Blusher (summer, powder blushes luk heavy)

Bronzer                                 - Eyeshadow

Facial spray/mist                   - Pre-styling hair dampener

Eye cream                            - Lip moisturizer

Clay face masks                   - Hand/foot masks

Elizabeth Arden 8-hr cream  - Lip gloss :)

Exfoliating cream                  - Shaving cream

Nearly finished scent            - Fragrance bath oil

Intensive moisturizers           - Cuticle softeners for hands/feet.

You are more than welcome to share your 2 cents :)

(Courtesy: Beauty bible)


  1. Nice tips!
    Here's one from my side too (my top tip, not copied from anyone)!!

    Face Makeup Sealant: hair spray! lightly spray all over your face holding the can 15cm away from your face, it will make your make up last for ages!

  2. thnx, buddy :) but can u stand the smell of it? I mean hair sprays contain alcohol and smell alcohol....

  3. You just need a very light spray of the hair spray and if you still can't stand the smell of it then just spray Rose water on top of it to avert the smell of alcohol lingering around your nose! xoxo

  4. Muuaaaaaaahhh...thnq sonali :) was really helpful. will try that nd let ya know :)

    wait a abt spraying just rose water? will it stand by?

  5. nice post . will try ALL these tips !
    thanks :)

  6. thnx, palak :) take the advantage :)