Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Are you interested?

Finally, time to get rid of makeup! No! I didnt mean that! I would like to sell some of my makeup! What brands? Body Shop and Playboy, for time being! Why? I was tricked by the names on the Playboy packaging! Different names outside, but same color inside! I dont think I need 6 lipsticks of the same color family, but different in some way!

Many find Playboy cosmetics yuck, but I know people who swear by that brand! I am not sure if Playboy cosmetics are available elsewhere, but each lipstick retails for 14 dollars in US! Red Carpet lipstick retails for some 9 to 10 pounds in UK! Of course, that was some time ago! Correct me if I am wrong! I dont wanna talk about the Playboy packaging, but I like the shades! No that you cannot find a dupe, but they are affordable! Especially, beginners can give it a try!

Mail me!

If you are interested, let me know! I can send you some pictures, so that you can decide! If you are NOT interested, let me know! If nobody is interested, I know what to do with those! I have some fun ideas! I will make my own patent-pending product! I am interested in swap, as well! Any ideas?

P.S - I am not a consultant trying to sell Body Shop or Playboy Cosmetics! Just creating an awareness, if you are new!

(Courtesy : Favourite Vintage Finds)


  1. Me! Me! Count me in! I can def. swap stuff with you. I have a ton of make-up and a problem similar to yours.

    Let me know if yr interested.

  2. hey, I'll be online after 4 hrs. If tht's too late for u, then mail me!

  3. sont you have some sleek to sell or swap:(

  4. Ooh do tell what ya got. :)