Tuesday, 9 February 2010

L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secret Aishwarya Beige #708

The most deceptive shade ever! On swatch, it was truly flattering! On lips, it turned out to be totally different! I expected this to works wonders, but disappointment! May be, I shouldnt start a review like this!

L'Oreal commercial, the color was completely different! I feel so, at least! I thought this must be more on the pigmented end! It turned out to be the muted muse! My justification, it keeps changing according to the tone! As always, expectations let you down!

I bought this in "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offer! I was actually planning to buy this lipstick alone, but could not resist the lip glosses! Finally, ended up buying 2 and got 1 for free! The only word I like in English so far - "FREE!" It lifts up my spirits like nobody's business!

The packaging is high-end! Classic black and gold, signature engraved! I have never been a die-hard fan of black and gold, but this caught my attention! On the lid, you find the number of the lipstick, which obviously says 708! Bottom, you find sticker detailing with shade number and name on it! I find the sticker color very similar to the lipstick color! Including the sparkles! YES! Easy peasy! You might find it different, but I find the color on sticker 100% true to the color in the tube! At least, this shade!

There is a gold band in the middle of the tube, which says L'Oreal Paris! You remember? Older version of Lakme lipsticks used to look similar in packaging! Only difference, brown and gold! I still have one from that collection, just for the packaging! Click-type whateva! Once you open the lid, you find flashy gold tube calling for attention! Packaging is definitely chic for a drugstore lipstick!

The formula is really smooth, creamy and glossy! Moisturizing! Glides effortless! I think its rather wise not to expect the same from other shades in this range! I never understood this color, to be honest! It appears different in day light! Different at night time! Sometimes, I think this works for me! The next minute, I feel its not for me!

#708 looks nude!

One thing I can assure! This shade is perfect for that polished look! Great for office! It has flecks of gold, barely seen! Very negligible! I really doubt if they show up at all! I find this shade nude - brown - mauve - rose - pink! Undertones? I no good in that! You better decide!

Staying power? This shade, in particular, doesnt stay long! May be, just a couple of hours! Neither food-proof nor water-proof! Sometimes, I use Maybelline Watershine lip gloss #521 Naked Brown on top of it to get that oomph! Everytime I use this, I wanted to decipher the right color! But, in vain! May be, you can try all those "long-lasting lipstick tricks" to make the best!

I want this on my lips!

OMG! I really can't stand the fragrance of this! Not that it stinks! Something waxy! Something nauseating! Something synthetic! Goes all the way back into your throat! You know what I am talking about? You will know if you did try this earlier! The smell gives me jitters! Thats the only reason I dont reach for it! I wish this color worked for me! I dont regret buying this, but!

#708 looks pink!

Repurchase? Yay for the color, but Nay for the fragrance! Finally, thats a big "NO"! I believe, L'Oreal came up with another shade almost similar to #708, marketed as Beige! You can find it in beige-gold packaging!

Where did this color come from?

P.S - This review was requested by Sarah from Glossicious! Sarah, hope it was some help! I dedicate this to you and your sister! Sorry for the delay, by the way!


  1. Aishwarya rai is pretty proud of creating his colour.I was never inclined to buy this colour plainly becasue I cannot stand aishwarya rai. She is just oh-so fake. Now I am glad I didn't buy it. :P

  2. I have this...n i swear yrs looks like it has more of a rose tone n mine look more brown... wth... maybe it's the flash?? Or different batch??

  3. It looks different in the ad - more beige, coppery. But on you it looks more tawny pink. I think yr right, it might have something to do with skin tone.

  4. Divija,

    Have you tried TBS Lip Clicks?

  5. My dear anonymous, my hearty welcome to you into my world! ((Warm Hugs)) I really appreciate if you come to the front! It makes my day more beautiful! Are you Poornima from Bangalore?

    Lip click? Not yet, my dear! I almost bought one, but my lovely friends @ TBS came to my rescue saying I wont like that! Thats not for me to try! I was really happy they told me that :)

  6. divija you are soooo sweeet .. thank you sooo much for doing this review. i love nude lippies , and this looks so amaziiiinnngggg.*writes down the name on list" it gives pinkish voilet undertone .. but its gorgeous.
    i agree with rati i CANNOT stand aishwariya so plastic and fake for me, i dont even see her movies.:(

  7. I love this color. I have two of the same shade because I love this color. And in my skin, it looks like a natural color of my lips, that is why i love it!!