Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Best Debutante Award

Oh my God! 50 followers! I just can't believe this! I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! I never thought I would start blogging and have 50 followers one day! Thanq once again, my lillies, for making my blog a huge success!

Anyways, lets get to the point! We all know Shivani and Vinita are debutants in blogosphere! Many of you accepted those little girls with a kind heart! Thanq very much, once again! I thought they deserve something else, too! Like an award, may be! But, what awards do we have for a debutante? So, I made one for our little girls! You like it? I like it! How I wish I get such a pretty award! I hope they like it, as well!

Shivani and Vinita! Here is your first award! You have been nominated for the "Best Debutante Award!" For being such good girls! You are as beautiful as a barbie doll!

Wait a minute! Awards do come in a package! You have a tag to do! Like a set of questions to answer! This being your first award, I dont wanna scare you! Just five questions! But, prepare yourself to scary awards and tags! Remember, I warn you! I am not as good as I appear to be! Here we go!

1. Introduce yourself! To your followers, obviously!

2. Who is your inspiration? To start a blog, obviously!

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Your blog, obviously!

4. Best and worst experiences so far! In blogosphere, obviously!

5. What does a new follower mean to you?

If you find any of these questions hard to answer, kindly ignore them! Tags are just for fun, nothing else! Nobody is going to punish if you dont answer, either! Just trying to make your day more beautiful!!!

(Courtesy: Babydolltoys.org)


  1. Such a cute award div...I want to wear that dress ;)

  2. Thank you so much!!

    I agree with Cynthia - love the dress only if I could have one in my size!

    I completed the tag!!

    Thanks once again!!

    another thing I'm jealous of you- I dont get Bobby Brown in India! :(

  3. My very second day after I start blogging and I get nominated for Best Debutante Award "Yay!"

    Thank you Divija Reddy @ http://divijareddy.blogspot.com for nominating me!

    I'm Vinita Jayant
    Just crossed my teens and turned 20 on 3rd January!! (Can't wait to turn 21 :P)
    I'm from Mumbai and am currently doing my Bachelors of Pharmacy!
    I love clothes, shoes, food,cooking, sleep,reading,dancing,listening to my ipod, making my own jewelery-anklets,ear rings ....reading blogs and my latest love-writing my own Blog!

    I get my inspiration from the people I love and the things I love the best!

    My inspiration to start a blog was Rati and her blog http://makeupandbeauty.com/

    I really loved reading about the different make up products and wonderful tips on application!!

    I loved it so much that I thought why not start a blog of my own!

    I hope to have better and more content in 5 years - with me buying better,more and expensive (what I cannot afford now :P) merchandise and reviewing them !

    I wish to see more fellow bloggers flowing my blog !

    Congrats Divija on having 50 wondeful people follow your blog- must feel amazing!!

    Best experience: every moment till now,people being very supportive,I light up when I read a new comment on any of my posts.

    Worse experience: haven't had any yet except for me spending a lot of time online instead of studying :P

    Blogging really helps de-stress and probably improve my typing skills too :P !


    A new follower to me means someone gaining some happiness from reading and looking at the vibrant colors (I love bright colours-my fav being purple!!) on my blog !! yay

  4. I love this award...I wish it around when I made my debut...lol!!
    Honestly I still feel like debutante...:)

  5. oooh! how very thoughtful of you div, so nice of u to start a tag welcoming new bloggers!
    congrats on the 50 followers!!


  6. Cant save or copy paste the pic :(

    when i right click it says disabled!

  7. That's very thoughtful of you, Divija. Going an extra mile to make somebody's day. :)

  8. Aww divs ur too sweet. sorry, i couldnt reply before i was just busy with school work. will surely reply but i gotta say my vote goes to Vinita. I love her blog..its fab :)