Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Body Shop Nature's Minerals Eye Colour

Well! Not a body butter! Not a lipstick! Something different at least! Today, we have Body Shop's Nature's Minerals Eye Colors in #02 Radiant Graphite and #04 Pink Opal!

Body Shop Nature's Minerals Make Up range contains some of nature's finest materials! Preservative-free, fragrance-free and oil-free! The packaging is fully recyclable, the lids include recycled material!

Claims - Accentuate your eyes with crease-resistant, blendable color that's made from Earth's purest minerals! Premium, up-to-the-minute loose powder formulation for the eyes! Made from minerals clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin types! Long-lasting, blendable and crease-resistant!

This stunning shimmering powder palette applies evenly and blends easily to provide adjustable coverage! Dermatologist-tested with no added fillers, preservatives or fragrances! Ophthalmologically tested! Suitable for contact lens wearers! Suitable for all skin types! Availale in six pearlescent shades!

Key Ingredients - Mediterranean clay, Mica, Illite, Titanium dioxide and Iron oxide.

Mediterranean clay - Absorbent mineral that helps to bind the make-up to the skin for long-lasting coverage.

Mica - In selected shades - adds lustre and has light diffusing properties to help disguise fine lines.

Titanium dioxide and iron oxide - In selected shades - provides a natural-looking colour palette.

The packaging is damn cute, a little plastic tube with a sifter! I always appreciate sifters, especially the net ones! I prefer net sifter compared to the hole ones, but they are difficult to find! Powder makeup for eye/face whatever with sifters are God-sent! You can control the product!

I dont like opaque packaging coz you never know what's happening inside! Its easy to choose the colors as well! You get to see the real color! What are testers for, Divija? I dont know! I like it that way! The lid is granite black! Sparkly black!

These are not so pigmented! Especially, the colors we have here! Is it wise to expect pigmentation from pale pink and grey? May be not! #02 Radiant Graphite is kinda slate grey with gold sparkles! #04 Pink Opal is pink with silver undertones! I find Radiant Graphite too sparkly for my liking! Glitter might appear chunky in Radiant Graphinte, but thats not the case in reality!

Colorwise, I like slate grey but the sparkle is too much! It travels everywhere! I end up looking very sparkly! Not recommendable for office use! Whereas the Pink Opal is a mauvy pink, which you are try for both day and night looks! Depends on your liking! Pink Opal is pearlescent finish, but I am not sure about Radiant Graphite!

What color do I prefer? I love Radiant Graphite if not for the sparkle! I tried taking a picture, but in vain! But, Pink Opal looks ravishing in the tub! I use Pink Opal on my lips for that "oomph"! Works wonders with gloss and lipstick as well!

For eyes, I love mixing both coz Pink and Grey blend well! I am a die-hard fan of Pink & Grey! It looks innocent and flattering at the same time! I love to try Pink Opal as "over all" lid color and Radiant Graphite for the outer corner!

Stats - 1 g or 0.03 OZ tub retails for 9 pounds! Stays fresh for 36 months, but I dont mind using this after that as well! I use powder products even after expiry! Sounds gross, eh? Well! That's me!

P.S - I recommend you wait for the Body Shop sale, which is somewhere around July 2010! Eye makeup enthusiasts, this recommendation is not for you! By all means, you are free to try these at anytime of the year! God bless your wallet!


  1. Gosh I love yr pic backgrounds...so cute! Both those colors are so pretty. So ur all about Body Shop huh? Nice ;)

  2. love love graphite one. my kind of color.xx

  3. Yr not the only one who is gross.. I too never throw away makeup even if it past expiry date, unless it starts to smell or goes bad... I guess after spending 5 yrs studying bacteria so closely I ain't so scared of them anymore :D

    I really like radiant graphite :D, pink eyeshadows don't look good me coz of my coloring..

  4. the colors are lovely :)

  5. These days I am more interested in checking out the pics than reviews. :P They are so lovely and vibrant. I leave your blog smiling every time. :) Thank you so much. :)

  6. where did u get the background from? its too good...btw eye colour is for the eyes right? why don't you apply it on ur lovely eyes and show us :D

  7. ferns, yes, eye color is for eyes 200%! my daylight is crap so pls dont xpect any pics till i go back to india! WISE not to xpect! back ground has been more or less barbie theme since many days! thats my barbie book :)

  8. what is creasing like then? do you use them with a base? or just like a paintpot? defo gonna wait for the sale lol