Friday, 19 February 2010

Maybelline Shine Seduction Liquid Lip Color #310 Bitten Plum

Today's product of review is Maybelline Shine Seduction Liquid Lip Color #310 Bitten Plum! Maybelline seems to have discontinued the Shine Seduction range in UK and US! That might not be the case with the Indian market, though!

Claims - Captivating colour and concentrated shine! No tacky, sticky feel! Precision-perfect sculpting tip! Base clicks for easy-to-control application! Aqua-botanicals and Vitamin E keep lips kissably soft and smooth! Dermatologist and allergy tested! In 13 luscious creams and shimmers!

It was an impulse purchase! The moment I saw this gloss, I had to have it! Not only for the color, but for the packaging! I like collecting glosses with different packaging! Please do not assume that I have the wide range of glosses you can ever find!

Packaging is a sleek shiny silver click-through pen almost 5 inches in size! How to get the product out? Turn the base clockwise! Keep turning till you get the right amount of gloss! As simple as that! Once you open the cap, you find slant tip with six average-sized pores! The slantly sculpted tip is very precise for application! Preferably, I like the slant tip compared to the round ones like the Lancome Juicy Tubes! Bottom of the pen, you find the number of the gloss on the same color sticker as the gloss! It doesnt say Bittem Plum anywhere on the pen!

I dont know if you consider this a downside, but I do! Once you are done applying, the product still keeps oozing! Not so much so that you should run to fetch a bucket, but still its not a great scene! Consequence? Inside part of the cap gets messy! Just the same way a leaky refill does to the cap!

There are quite good shades ranging from nude to reds, both cream and shimmer finish in Maybelline Shine Seduction range! I am not comparing this to any other shade from this range because I didnt get to try the other shades! So, lets get to know more about #310 Bitten Plum! If you find this sheer, its wise not to expect pigmentation from sheer glosses!

#310 Bitten Plum is a cream finish with NO shimmer! Plum - nude - mauvey! Buildable if you want plum-colored lips! Please do not expect the pigmentation to be the same as a wall paint! Works wonders on pigmented lips like mine! You can be simple with just a swipe or two! You can layer on, so the true pigment shows on your lips! I prefer the simple look, rather! Matches my lips perfect! I cant exaggerate more! My-Lips-But-Better color in blogger terminology! For me, its the same tone as my lips! Looks like I have Vaseline Rosy Lips on!

Single swipe of #310! Twist if you want the real color!

To be honest, I never look for plumping effect in a gloss! I believe thats purely a marketing gimmick! My lips are average-sized, so I dont think I ever need a plumper whateva! My lips appear to kinda grow in size just because of the shiny gloss! Whenever I hear people say that plumpers sting and hurt sometimes, I am like "Why should I get pain as a bonus for spending my money?" Well, thats my perspective!

Twist clockwise to get the gloss out!

The formula is not sticky at all! I am very much relieved by that sound! If you layer on, it might feel heavy! Doesnt feel heavy on lips, otherwise! Very moisturizing! As if your lips are inside a moisture bubble! Thanks to the Aqua-botanicals and Vitamin E! God knows what aqua-botanicals mean! Staying power is average if you are on a hunger strike!

Stats - 0.08 Fl Oz or 2.4 ml gloss retails for 325 INR, Indian Rupees! I am not sure of the current price tag, though!


  1. i have brown shimmery one , wow div we have same thinking i took pics of my gloss other day and was planning to post, now i will write check div's review and my swatches:PPP

  2. The good thing I have found in Maybelline lipsticks is that the forumula is non sticky but have poor staying power.I think I have seen them around here in India.

  3. That's a pretty shade. I love these. I've finished two already. But ya they put v tiny nos at the bottom n not the shade name which is really hard if u wanna buy the same shade again. The first one I used up n really loved was a pinkish coral shade n now I couldn't find it anywhere :(

  4. Looks really nice.. am yet to try these.. Will probably after 6 mnths - am on a campaign to finish off all my make up before I buy any thing new these days.. Just have too much stuff now :P

  5. Hey I haven't tried anything from Maybelline lately. the last thing I bought from maybelline was in high school. But this is a pretty shade!

  6. oooh pretty colour!!
    yeh me too, i don't really look for plumping effects, i think it's quite daft loll