Friday, 5 February 2010

Body Shop Colourglide Lip Color #11 Plum

How can I express my love towards Body Shop? By reviewing their products, obviously! Today, we have a lipstick from Body Shop Colourglide range, which is their regular line! Definitely, not a limited edition!

Claims - A collection of lip colors that color, moisturise and smooth the appearance of the lips for a fabulous pout! The butter-like texture glides on effortlessly! It contains a high percentage of color pigments to provide intense coverage in one luscious sweep that lasts for up to four hours! Of course, depending on the color! It leaves the lips feeling soft and smooth! Dermatologically tested!

As mentioned earlier, we have Colourglide Lip Color in #11 Plum, which is obviously my favorite shade! You know! 75% of my collection is plums! Sometimes, I dont even bother to look at the other shades! Imagine my love for the shade! No, I dont like the fruit! Its just the color I admire! Its high time to branch out, I believe!

Look at the packaging! Silver or steel, whateva! Not the typical blacks or golds! The tube is smaller, comparitively! Trying to compare Body Shop, MAC and Bourjois! Just because the shades are plums! The MAC Plumful is sheer and pigmented in its own way! Bourjois tinted lip balm is more on the bold n brighter edge! Supa-dupa pigmented! Body Shop lipstick is a cool tone! Rich pigmentation! MAC lipstick smells like edible vanilla! Bourjois lip balm smells like vanilla with a metallic flavor somewhere! Blame the packaging! Dont worry! It smells like vanilla on your lips! Body Shop lipstick smells like vanilla! Like granny's lipstick! My granny never used one, but! Very old, but nostalgic! Thats why I bought VLCC lip shield in Strawberry! I like the scent of Body Shop lipstick, as well!

The lipstick bullet is huge compared to the MAC one, in reality! I wonder if MAC is on a diet! One gram makes all the difference! Colourglide #11, in particular, is moisturizing! Glides soft! Like butter? Yes, but not as soft as the Moroccan Rose lipsticks! I can say, soft like MAC! But, a little different! MAC Plumful being lustre, glides smooth! Hope it makes some sense!

From top: MAC Plumful, Bourjois tinted lip balm #1 Purple Plum, Body Shop Colourglide #11 Plum

Colourglide #11 Plum is kinda matte! Anyway, I use a lip balm! So, no big deal! I reiterate, exfoliate your lips to make the best! Staying power is very decent! Above average! Stays for 4 hours as per the claim? Might be possible, if you are on a hunger strike! I dont bother about the staying power, anyway! I like the pigmentation of this color, particularly! It has mauve rose undertones! I so love this color, I have a backup of this, as well!

Lemme tell you one more thing I did observe! This shade being "kind of" matte, I applied 2-3 coats! After a while, lip balm evaporated leaving the pigmentation behind! It was almost like a tint! Heres the fun part! You can apply your favorite gloss over or just hydrate your lips with a balm!

Body Shop Colourglide range has tonnes of shades! According to the site, there are 37 ravishing shades! So, there is one for you too! Do not go by the swatches online! They are slightly different! Most of the shades are very pigmented!

Key ingredients are Marula oil, Sesame oil, Beeswax from an organic source, Jojoba, Rosehip seed, lanolin oil, a blend of Tahitian gardenia and vanilla fruit extracts and Vitamin E! Marula oil is a very ver effective moisturiser that helps condition the skin over time! Also provides essential fatty acids that help restore the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness!

Stats - MAC and Bourjois are 3g! Body Shop lipstick is 4g or 0.14 oz! Retails for 8 pounds, but for 3 pounds in sale! Most of the Body Shop products, especially their lippies have a life expectancy of 36 months!

Tanvi! I highly recommend buying Body Shop lipsticks in sale! Most of the Body Shop stuff, in fact! Not that their quality is compromising! You might not find all the shades in sale, but its worth waiting! Unless you wanna explore all the shades, wait for the sale! Most of their lines are stocked up for the sale, so you dont end up spending full price! I know its hard to wait! Especially when other bloggers review! One more thing! Dont take my words for granted coz you might not find some of the best sellers during the sale!

Try Nature's Minerals, their mineral makeup range! Foundation, cheek and eye colors! Mineral makeup foundation has SPF 25! If you have access to their limited edition stuff, try their sparkly liquid eyeliners in green, silver, gold and bronze! I know you love eyeliners! Without fail, get hold of their baked stuff! LOL! I mean, their limited edition baked blushes and eye shadows! I know there is a lot to try, but its up to you to choose! Will update, in case I find anything else!

P.S: TRY MERRY CRANBERRY LIP BALM, MOROCCAN ROSE BODY BUTTER AND JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM BODY BUTTER, WITHOUT FAIL! Consider yourself lucky to get hold of Merry Cranberry coz its sold out completely within 2 weeks after launch! Very bad!


  1. Thanks for all the recos , divija
    really appreciate it , even em lemming for TBS goodies .. buh no time these days :(

    hw are yu doin by da way ?

  2. looks great, but i have my eyes on mac plumful, such a pretty color

  3. Hey Divs!! Thks so so so much for all the recomendations. I will def add them all in my list & give u an update tomo on wht i bought.

    Yr such a sweetheart!! Thks so so much!! :D :D :D

  4. Aww...Bourjois tinted balm looks so good! So does Mac Plumful n the BS one looks pretty too *sigh*

  5. loving how you are clicking pics these days with barbie in background. So fresh and vibrant. I didn't pick the lippies coz I found them expensive here even on the sale and now I am lemming for atleast one. :P

  6. Very pretty color. I have to say I love Body Shop too. THeir products are reasonably priced and great quality. I bought their lip and cheek stain the other day...loving it. :)

  7. Thanks for your encouragement dear and what a detailed review, wow, thanks so much