Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Future You Tube Sensation!

Ola! Confusing title? Well! Not that she doesnt deserve an introduction, but most of my subscriber base being from India, she doesnt need an introduction! Name rings the bell! For others, Rati is the girl behind Makeup & Beauty blog! She did debut on You Tube as well! She is just two weeks and two videos old! Yeah, she is too young! So far, she managed to get 9 subscribers to her channel! Hence, the title! Who knows? She might be the most subscribed gurus from India in future!

She obliged to do this fun tag thats been going on my blog since a while! In fact, this is the second episode! First episode includes Sarah, the glossy chic behind Glossicious blog! I thank Rati for making this series more beautiful! So, what are we waiting for? Lets get started!

1. What brings you to the Beauty Blogosphere, knowing there are tonnes already? Do you fancy a career that involves makeup?

I started writing this blog because there were not many Indian blogs around. I had so much makeup and beauty stuff lying in my closet so I thought I'd rather share it with others and it might prove to be useful to a lot of Indian women around! If you ask me in today's date, no I don't see a career in makeup.

2. What role does makeup play in your daily life? Is makeup a must for your profession?

I love doing makeup but I don't want to get dependent on it. So there are days when I step out of home without any makeup on face except lip balm and still be comfortable with the way I look.

3. Whom do you find the most-inspiring? Makeup or any aspect of your life!

Goss Makeup Artist. He is just so good. I get to learn so much from him, and correct my mistakes. He is a genuine, nice guy who knows what he is doing.

4. Rati, a shopaholic or Rati, a bargain-shopper?

I think I love doing both. :) Each has its own charm.

5. Your place doesn’t stock most of the international brand! How do you update your collection?

Ummm...I am still exploring a lot of stuff around. So you might find some international brands on my blog in future. :) Regarding, updating my collection, I just pick whatever I like.

6. What is your favourite makeup brand? High-end or drug store? Are you brand-conscious?

Drugstore - Colorbar. High end - I am quite liking Mac,Inglot & Estee Lauder. I am not brand conscious. :) If I like something, I would buy irrespective of the brand and sometimes price tag.

7. What are your go-to makeup products? Anything you reach for, no matter what occasion!

Brown eyeliner, kajal, concealer, face powder and lip balm.

8. Do you have any products you cannot live without? Staples!

Facial sprays and hand creams. I am obsessed with them.

9. What is lying untouched in your vanity from day #1? Any future for that!

I bought this Fab India de-pigmentation cream because I had some pigmentation issues on my chin. I use it thrice or four times and the cream worked wonders for me. My skin was clear and even but after that I stopped using it and it's been lying untouched since then. :(

10. What’s your take on Smoky eye - nude lips?

For me, it's a case of sour grapes. I find smokey eyes and hot red lips the sexiest. The only problem is that I cannot pull off such a look myself so I end up with smokey eyes and nude lips. It's kinda boring but well!

11. Do you collect anything related to makeup?

I keep a balance of every thing in my collection. Of late, I guess I am getting addicted to blushes :)

12. What’s your take on bloggers' recommendations on products? Do you consider?

Yes, I do consider. Can't thank Cynthia enough for the Lotus Herbal Kajal she recommended :)

13. Would you like to share your best and worst experiences so far?

Worst - The first day I uploaded my youtube video and I got a hate comment. Honestly, it ruined my day and I was crying and all. :( I guess I will take it as a challenge, learn more, and do even better work :)

Best - I have met many wonderful people around here. There is so much warmth and love here that even if you are not the best, your fellow bloggers would help you out, recommend you and motivate you to keep going. It means a lot to me :)

14. Would you like to share your daily routine? Skincare or haircare?

Daily routine - I have very simple routine. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen for day. The same goes for night except that I replace sunscreen with an anti ageing cream. And by the way, I have an obsession with hand creams. I keep applying them the whole day.

15. Would you like to feature your hand bag here? Preferably, a picture that includes you!

I carry huge hand bags so it was not possible for me and my handbag to fit in one pic. So here's my pic with my clutch. I bought this from Archie's Gallery some time back.

I would like to thank Divija for making me part if her interview series! Wish you loads of luck and love :)


  1. OMG Divija, that's an honour. *blush**double blush* :P

  2. oh wow! this is great! so this is your blog, eh divija? i think i am coming here for the first time. love the flowery-ness!
    the interview is amazing! you've asked very, very sensible questions. and rati, you've answered them with elan!
    come on now, welcome your new subscriber..

  3. enjoyed reading it alot and omg its such a cute it

  4. Wow cool article Divs. I didn't understand what it's all about at first...but now i do. So thoughtful of u. N Rati...I'm so touched...happy u like the kajal as much as I do.

  5. Oh my my..That was so cool...

    Rati: your clutch is lovely and you are lovelier...

    Nice work Divija :-)

  6. good job divija... enjoyed reading the interview..

  7. love that clutch!!
    great interview divs, keep them coming!

  8. what a great interview! makes me like Rati's blog even more!! =)

  9. Hey Divs! Seems like other than haunting TSB stores u have another great talent - the makeup blogger paparazzi..

    Lovely interview :D

    Kudos (God, does anyone even use that word anymore.. I am so 80s!) to both Rati & of course u Divs - U r such an original creative mind :D

  10. wow !!
    loved da post , wot made it special was our own rati being interviewd by darling divija !!
    oh how I miss yuh ppl and blogging.How I hope i become illegible for this great interview some day :P
    Why does blogging becomes so intrestin wen em nt aroun . WHY WHY WHY ???
    Just wait till mah boards .. I am dying to share LOADS of stuff wit yew !!