Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I Am Addicted!!!

Can things get any worse? Hubby told the Body Shop staff, "Please dont let her in! Do not inform her about latest promotions whateva! Do not hand over any coupons to her! No matter whatever the discount is!" The staff told him, "Now that the coupons are over, you dont worry! We will definitely remember what you said!"

Officially, I declare my love for Body Shop! Coming weeks, you will find nothing but reviews of Body Shop products! If you find it boring, please ignore my blog for some time! Quite some time! I dont wanna trouble you, girls! Hence, the warning!

Courtesy: Property Week

Lately, I am having a hard time dealing with my addictions! Whats the other one? Farmville on Face Book! I play 5 farms in total! Oh yeah! Believe or not! May be, one day hubby is gonna write to Face Book as well!

Courtesy: Riv Media

I am not able to view Blog Villa, blog by Zwala! It says access denied! If you have access, please let her know I really like her blog! I hope I did not trouble her, so she had to deny the access! Bellepedia, another blogger is also inactive from so many days! Any news about her? Cheezz12345, the YT guru is not active since a week! Shout-out to Jaya! Hope you are doing fine, dear! Missin' you already! Come back with a big bang!

I have gained quite some subscribers lately, but I am not following their blogs! No technical issues, at all! Most of the subscriber base is like "I follow you - You follow me!" I hardly know my followers! I comment on their blogs most of the time, but still waiting for the response! May be, they think the same about me! Like "This girl is full of attitude! She doesnt follow our blog!" Following is not a big deal! You  have to stay in touch! I dont follow many bloggers, but I make sure I communicate with them on a regular basis! Why all this jazz? I might unsubscribe from some blogs coz I dont wanna sit like some antique piece on their blog!

Especially, when you follow a considerable amount of blogs it becomes tough to comment on a regular basis! Dont assume I follow some tonnes of blogs! I dont follow anybody from YT except the UK-based guru! Oh! I am not geographically partial! I dont mind even if I lose my 60 followers one day! I will still blog just to satisfy my ego! I am not the one who survives on sweet lies! I prefer bitter truth, rather!

P.S - All the bloggers I came across so far were very polite, but it was really hard getting hold of each and every girl! Official apology if you are one of the bloggers I unsubscribe! Thanq very much for not disturbing me all this while! Hope I didnt trouble you! I just dont deserve your friendship! Its totally my fault, not yours! I love you, all! No hard feelings! Boo-hoo...


  1. Happy Realization Divs! We figured long back that we were dealing with a TBS addict here.. :D LOL..

    I too used to play this farmville/farmtown a lot.. Then one fine day I just stopped cold turkey. I guess my strawberries must have wilted, & I wonder wht happened to my Cows & Hens.. Hmmm..

    Zwala & Belle and all have just disappeared into thin air. Haven't heard frm them since long.. I guess sometimes people get busy and then blogging gets the short stick.

  2. Lol at what yr hubby said to BS :D
    I think i'm the only one in fb who doesn't farm.

  3. Your so funny! I love reading your blog posts always make me 'lol' x

  4. lol!! I guess you must work on making your hubby also a bS addict. Like you may gift some of the men's accessories from BS. :P

    I don't visit facebook at all. My friends message me and ask for comments whenever they upload some pics and all. :D

  5. hey lovely im fine was quite busy with my work, how are you, thanks for the shout out dear!!!! im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, hugssssssssssssss!!!!

  6. LOL divs I am sooo addicted to farmville. Level 42 and going strong haha