Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Playboy Red Carpet Lipstick # 72 Paparazzi

Claims - True long wearing lipstick that is non-drying! The specially formulated creamy texture is packed with pigment for a true-color application! The formula is infused with a lip plumping complex to increase the blood flow to create fuller, rounder lips! Create lush lips with long-wearing “stay-the-night” formula! Satin-matte texture! No animal testing!

Playboy cosmetics were taken off the shelves recently! The deal being on multiple buy, you get discount like 50 pence or a pound! Morning, the basket was full! Afternoon, half full! Evening, everything was gone! Only thing left was the damaged stuff! I managed to get their blushes, eye shadow duos and a couple of lipsticks!

Find the peacock!

Playboy lipsticks come in different ranges like Liquid Luxe Lipstick, Stiletto Lip Shine, Calender Girl Lipstick and Red Carpet Lipstick! The Calender Girl range has lipsticks named after calender months! As mentioned above, we have a lipstick in #72 Paparazzi! There was no number on the lipstick or packaging, but I found this from random browsing! Correct me if I am wrong!

The packaging is very Bunny! The pink lid is same as Maybelline Color Sensational range one! Might not be the exact rip off, but more or less similar! Open the pink lid, all you can see is gold! Gold packaging LOL! Gold Bunny on the top! Very cute!

Outer case of packaging!

I am very bad at describing colors! I find this lipstick brown - red - plum! See, I told you! I am crap! I so love this color, I have a backup! Double deal! Dont get scared at the swatch, just in case! Its matte only on hands! Might be the same on lips without lip balm! If I am allowed to choose one lipstick from Playboy again, it will definitely be Paparazzi! No doubt!

Color Color! What color am I?

First, I apply a layer of lip balm! Then, I layer Paparazzi one coat! Guess what? It goes kinda berry, kinda sheer! Thanks to the lip balm! I am a die-hard fan of sheer berry shades! I dont know if MAC Capricious falls under the same category, but that is my next purchase! Definitely not at House of Frasers, Glasgow! Once I go back to India, I will make it a point to give MAC Capricious lipstick a try! Check this if you are into plum - berry kinda shades! I might be wrong in describing as well! So, dont take my words for granted! Remember, I warned you! No blame game!

I dont need you, Paparazzi! You are not pink!

Please exfoliate your lips as much as you can! Not until they bleed, but do as often as possible! That helps, really! Your lips look their best when exfoliated! Paparazzi has a consistency of lip liner, very matte and powdery! But not powdery in reality! Slather lip balm generously to get that sheer wash of color! This recommendation is just for those who like this color! Worried if this works for you? It does!

Truly flattering shade, according to me! You might not find this berry on swatch, but on lips this color is very universal! Does it make any sense? If you are comfortable with matte, feel free to use Paparazzi alone! Me? No, thank you! I might look like I am from MARS with matte lipsticks! This fades okay, but leaves your lips kinda pigmented! Tinted, I can say! You dont have to buy this just because it fades diplomatic! Staying power is average!


Here comes the shocker! At least for some of you! Did you ever taste slate pencil? This lipstick kinda reminds me of slate pencil! Same chalky feel! Powdery scent, like your talcum powder! Blame the ingredient, Talc! Most of you might not like this! It has that classic lipstick scent you cant forget how hard you try! Age old formulation! Like granny's lipstick! But, my poor granny doesnt use makeup!

Can you see me in the background? Royal D!

If you know me (as if I am a big deal!), I dont apply any lipstick without lip balm! That includes MAC as well! Time for revenge! Only lipsticks I can blindly apply alone will be Moroccan Rose range from Body Shop! They are so damn soft and very very buttery! The softest formulation you ever get to see! Why cant they bring them back with new shades? See, this review has nothing to do with Body Shop! But, looks like I cant stay without a mention! TBS springs up from nowhere! How I wish they notice my love for their brand and make me their brand ambassador! Sigh!

Ingredients - Ricinus Communis seed (Castor) oil, Kaolin, Isopropyl lanolate, Isopropyl palmitate, Ceresin, Talc, Paraffin, Cera microcristallina, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Lactate, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Silica, Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Tocopherol, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Ascorbyl palmitate, Parfum. May contain Mica, Titamium Dioxide, Iron oxides, Manganese Violet, Carmine.

Stats - 0.12 oz or 3.4 g originally retails for 14 pounds! Correct me if I am wrong! I got these for almost more than 75% off, which is a great deal! I am not sure if drug stores still stock Playboy range! If yes, try Paparazzi for sure! Highly recommendable!


  1. lolzzz!! I used to eat slate, chalks and mud as a child. :P I think I am going to love this lipstick. The shade is gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely colors, and the packaging is so novel. Cute. :)

  3. Aww...the packaging is so cute! Must. Have.

  4. Ohhhhh... what a lovely color! I love berry shades and have so many lip colors in berry shades but just can't get enough.. I really like this one :D

  5. oh ! how I love the packaging !!!

  6. the peacock is on the elephants head!!! yay i found it lol
    have yu tried contacting tbs? maybe they'll sponsor you or something!

  7. i bought this lipstick, it's amazing ... it's a nice matte lipcolour bur this color is Indescribable. nice review !!!!