Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rhamnousia's Give Away!

Rhamnousia from Desi Girl Does Makup is hosting a give-away! The only word I am liking so far in blogosphere is "Giveaway!" I know I never did this before, so would be my first official entry into the "giveaway" thing! I never participated coz I cant take it easy when I lose! I know its hard to win! Why enter only to lose? Finally, I gave up! Lemme try for once!

Girls! Please excuse me as this is my first linking whateva! In case I make blunders, please do let me know! I am really excited to do this, so I definitely will make some mistake! The more excited I am, the more mistakes I make!

I never hosted any give away or entered any! Rhamnousia and Sarah are 100% right! Whats the use of having tonnes of people in ur blog when you hardly know them? Enough of drama! Back to job! To be honest, I comment on Rhamnousia's blog 70%! So, I feel I am eligible to participate! She was very diplomatic in hosting the giveaway! Read and you will know for yourself!

Oh God! Please let me win at least one giveaway in my life! Be it a chocolate or peanut! Just once! Rhamnousia, the ball is in your court now!


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  2. Hey Divija,

    How are you today?

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    Thanks for the inspiration :-)