Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lancome O My Rose Spring 2010

I present to you Lancome Spring 2010 Collection "O My Rose" by Aaron De May, Lancome's artistic makeup director!

Pop N' Palette - Radiant smoothing eye shadow quad! Two palettes for a sixties look, the smokey eye is reinvented in shaded tones of green and copper! The colors are soft, delicate and illustrates the feminity! The customized box is inspired by Pop Art! Available in 2 shades #16 Pop N' Petrol and #17 Pop N' Copper!

A true innovation, with a texture that can be used with a wet or dry applicator! Irresistible palettes of four eyeshadows offering you convenient make-up for any occasion! Retails for 32 pounds!

BB Kiss - Wet and dry color lip toy in #1 Coral Madrague! Aaron De Mey reinvents the lipstick, with an arty pastel-toned wand in an adorable coral shade! More than a lipstick! The BB Kiss creates a real beauty ritual - open the small black laquered box and unpack the liptoy from its precious silk paper! A true innovation, with a texture gliding perfectly over the lips! The BB Kiss can be used dry or wet! Dry - The result is light and sheer, for a touch of springtime coral! Wet - BB Kiss is activated to deliver intense, deep and potent colour on lips! Retails for 20 pounds, I believe!

Ink Artliner - Long wear calligraphy gel eyeliner in #4 Pop Petrol! The must-have eyeliner which draws precisely your gaze! The texture is gliding and creamy for an easy application! A new aqua green for a cult and springtime make-up! The eyeliner gives results as precise as a calligraphy and has a very long wear!

Le crayon khol - Loaded with colour pigments, this classic eye lining pencil lets you outline, emphasise or redefine the shape of your eyes easily and precisely! Suitable for use above or below the lash line to create the look you desire! Anhydrous paste loaded with colour pigments and micas, is moulded into shape and then placed inside the pencil! Retails for 17.45 pounds!

Le Khol Gloss - Aaron De Mey has created an original product, fusion between the intensity of a khol and the shine of a gloss in a lacquered black jumbo with the emblematic LancĂ´me rose!  Declined in 3 cult shades of the season, #1 Pop Petrol (aqua green), #2 Swinging Copper and #3 BB Sand (sandy beige)! A simple pencil draw with a glossy and creamy texture for an easy application! Retails for 18 pounds, I believe!

La Touche Pro - Made-to-measure concealer with seamless camouflage! La Touche Pro perfectly conceals the complexion irregularities! For this cult item, Aaron De Mey has imagined a slim and nomad black laquered packaging, very easy to carry! Aaron and Lancome labs developed a new light texture that delivers coverage and complexion correction! Mix the two shades in order to obtain the right tone to match your own complexion! Erase irregularities with the smaller applicator and unify the eye contour area with the larger one! You can use La Touche Pro alone or over your usual foundation! Available in 2 shades, #2 Light and #3 Medium! Retails for 22.50 pounds!

La Laque fever - Ultimate lasting full color lip shine! A lipstick with the brilliant shine of a gloss! La Laque Fever is declined in two fresh and vibrant shades, #112 Coral Bliss and #216 Swinging Copper! An instantaneous coverage, a long lasting result, daring and intense colours, an extreme comfort and an impeccable application thanks to its instant-shape applicator! Use alone or on top of BB Kiss! Retails for 17 pounds!

Le Vernis - Divine lasting color and shine! Inspired by the fresh and colourful tones of St Tropez, Aaron de Mey reinvents the classic "French Manicure" by creating the "French Tropezienne Manicure" in #003 BB Sand and #014 Pop Petrol! Perfect shock-resistance formula enriched with keratin booster that acts like a protecting coat! Your nails feel stronger and less brittle! Retails for 14 pounds!

Pop N' Cheeks - Gentle and lasting color powder blusher in #1 Coral Flirt! For the fresh skin you get when in St Tropez, Aaron De Mey has created the new powder Pop n' Cheeks, with a a design reinventing the Lancome rose as a pop rose! This must-have multicompacted powder with springtime shades is ideal for all complexions and gives a subtle coral glow! Retails for 32 pounds!

Color Fever Gloss - Sensual vibrant lip shine! Magnify your lips with a dazzling shine! An ultra shiny and luxurious gloss that outlines the contour of the lip, thanks to the plump applicator, for sensual curves and luscious cover! Shine-reflect pigments create dazzling shine with sparkles of light that make the colour vibrate! Its lightweight texture is moisturising and non-sticky! Available in 2 shades, #022 BB Sand #120 Orange Scopitone! Color Fever Gloss features a plump applicator in the form of a heart to sculpt volumes, offer a low or high coverage result and ensure perfect contours! Retails for 17.50 pounds!

Hypnose Drama - Instant full body volume mascara! Hypnotize beyond imagination! New curvaceous oversized brush gives full lash contact for dramatically fuller and thicker looking lashes! The formula, deep and intensely black, glides sumptuously along each lash, to immediately coat and amplify lash look from root to tip! In perfect harmony with the texture, the new curvaceous brush allows full contact with lashes for instant full body volume!

Instant lash coating with immediate load, thanks to a new formula, which gives intense volume to the look of lashes! The new curvaceous oversize brush amplifies volume in an instant! The full contact with the lash surface ensures perfect lash coating from root to tip, coating even the shortest lashes! Deep black pigments! Shade Excessive Black! Retails for 20 pounds!

Time for scratching heads! What to choose? How I wish I win a lottery! Correct me if I am wrong in price details!


  1. God! tht lip toy is gonna be irritating to use in hurry. Open box, unwrap.. ghah!

    It looks nice in the pics - especially the eyeliners, but I will wait to try them before pronouncing that I need them.

    I have had too many experiences where stuff looks amazing in pics and just 'meh' when applied - case in point: Revlon's matt aubergine eyeshadow and the body's shop metallic eyeliners

  2. Pop N' Cheeks and Mascara .. My favs.

  3. Ahh...some of these have made it to my wishlist. Love!

  4. We have Lancome here in India but I have never ever tried anything from their range. I even visited their store once but nothing that would be hard to resist. The pop and cheeks looks so so gorgeous. Have you tried anything from Lancome?

  5. wow love all the products here :D

  6. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    nice blog!