Monday, 8 February 2010

Barry M Touch Of Magic

Please dont run away! Its not an eco-friendly lipstick, by the way! What comes to your mind the minute you see this? Good old school days?

I was quite a nerd when I first laid my eyes on a green lipstick and I was like "Ma, thats too much!" The SA was like "Go on! Try it!" I swatched! Guess what? Pretty pink! My mother was so kind as always and bought me one! Not too dramatic, so that was okay for a school-going kid! Dates back to my school days, 8th grade! Barry M made me nostalgic for a while!

Claims - Waterproof formula with Aloe Vera! It stays on for up to 8 hours! Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go! Lets pray for the rich colors, girls!

Can you see the pink tip?

Barry M Lip Paint "Touch of Magic" was yesterday's impulse purchase! This was in my lemming list since ages! What do you expect from a green lipstick?

On application, it glides very smooth! You dont see the color, then! All you can see, a transparent layer on your lips! Just like a clear lip balm! Couple of seconds later, the true color is revealed! Wanna have a look at the transformation?

I am really not sure how this works, but was always mesmerized by the the transformation! Ever since I was a kid, I did fancy magic! Abraca dabra! Green goes pink!

Apt title for the lipstick, "Touch of Magic!" As mentioned earlier, it glides on soft! Appears to be clear! Couple of seconds, it goes pink! Too bright for my liking! Pink is not the right word! Bright fuschia? You better decide!

Its definitely not the same on the lips! Gets damn bright! I had to work hard on my hands for the true color! May be my hands are not alkaline whateva compared to lips! God! I forgot that lipsticks are meant for lips, not hands!

After a while, the soft layer evaporates! You get the picture? Lipstick stays on like a stain! Perfect stain! The soft layer kinda gets hardened! Not rock hard, of course! Transforms into pink stain! Doesnt get powdery like Bourjois tinted lip balm! Very pigmented! Stays long! Definitely something to try for Valentine's Day!

Waterproof? YES! Food proof? YES! Unless you want to get rid of it! Stays on till you wipe it off! I really appreciate Barry M for the wonderful formulation! I am not sure how other Barry M lipsticks feel! This one, in particular, feels invisible on lips! I mean, as in weight! When I say that, I mean it! Literally! Bare lip feel! Once the pink stain is on, you can add your favorite lip product for that oomph!

I love the matte black packaging! Ultra-chic! Cute! Comparable to NARS! This lipstick smells like wax, but not so overwhelming! This retails for 4.25 pounds! Right now, Barry M has an offer! Buy one lippie for 4.25 pounds or two for 7 pounds!

Ingredients - Ricinus Communis, Paraffinum Liquidum, Octyldodecanol, Cera Alba, Ozokerite, Carnauba, Cetyl Alcohol, Synthetic­ Wax, Isopropyl Lanolate, Propylene Glycol, Talc, BHA, Citric Acid and Propyl Gallate

P.S - When I was a kid, I used to mess up with some kinda berry, I really dont remember, to get the stain! I used to stain my hands and lips! Real fun! Do you have any memories? How I wish those days come back! Sigh!!!


  1. So cool, we don't get this but we get a chinese version here for 20 rs. It is a white stick and when applied the same shade of pink as you have swatched. I used to use it a lot as a teenager, a lil less now as I can't really carry off the pink..

    Btw, you know this makes an excellent cheek stain as well. :D

  2. cool !! I want one !!
    Barry M .. come to INDIA !!

  3. Hi Tanveer! I love those lippies, and I sell them on (we ship internationally, streetsmartjunkie!)

  4. oooh!!
    so cool!
    ive never heard of this type of a lippie before!!
    its magic!!!

  5. Hey I remember my mom used to have something like this when i was very young :) . Now I have a white one that turns's called Lip Ice

  6. wen you its gonna be something unusual , i shd have believed you :P

    i agree with tanveer , in pak we get the chinese version less than rs 50 with some awful rubbery smell but as kid i never forget to pick one whenever i visited market with mom , and forcefully applied on evy person who came infront of me...ahh childhood i was so cute :P
    back to barry m, color is soooo pretty pink. ME LIKES it. and love the transformation.

  7. Divija..

    I too remember such a thing which we used to get in the small chinese goods shop. They used to be green too and would turn to pink once on the lips :-)
    Used to be priced at Rs.15 or 20.

  8. wow such an innovative product that is!

  9. Barry M seems like a cool brand, but we dont have it in Canada. Although I have to admit, it maybe too much of teeny bopper for my liking.